Year 2 2019-20

Sharing your work!


If you have any work that you are really proud of and would like to share with me, please type it into the comments section  so I can read it and reply to you!

I would love to read your stories, letters, diary entries etc. (even if it wasn’t on the home learning timetable).

You can also use this blog to ask any questions about your home learning.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

– Miss Godden

10 comments on “Sharing your work!

  1. Hello Miss Godden

    I miss you so much,xxx please say hello to all teachers:)thanks.

    i done my all of school homework already, and now i am keep doing my maths and english everyday and timetable.i am so proud of myself.and play a lot and smile a lot!!!

    hello miss godden,i am jianing’s mum,jianing doing good with her homework ,but she struggling a lot every time and talking to much when she taking online class!!!could you give me some advice to help her clam, thanks

    keep safe and well!!

  2. Hello Jianing,
    How are you?
    I miss you and everyone else in Ruby Class very much!
    Well done for completing all of your work. I am glad you are enjoying it! :)

    Hello Jianing’s mum,
    I am glad to hear that Jianing is doing well with her home learning. If she is finding it a bit tricky to sit still for long periods of time, maybe try having little brain breaks every 10 minutes or so or whenever it feels like she might need one. She could get up have a stretch and run on the spot, do 20 star jumps, run up and down the stairs 3 times, anything to get her moving for a bit so then she can come back to her learning more focused.
    I hope this helps.
    Stay safe and well!
    – Miss Godden

  3. Dear Miss Godden,
    I really miss you and my school friends! I have been doing the timetable and working hard on my Maths and English. I have been practicing my timestables on Timestable Rockstars. I have also been learning about what life was like in World War Two. I even had a zoom meeting with my friend’s grandpa who was evacuated in World War Two. I even made a model of an Anderson shelter which was used if bombs were dropped nearby. I hope everyone is well and I hope to see you soon. Love Daniel.

  4. Hi Daniel!
    I miss you and everyone else in Ruby Class too!
    I am very impressed with all of your hard work. Keep it up!!
    Your learning about WW2 sounds very interesting! What was your favourite thing that you learned from speaking to your friend’s Grandpa?
    Stay safe Daniel.
    Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of our class as soon as we are able!
    -Miss Godden :)

  5. Douglas Tate says:

    Dear Ms Godden and Daniel and Jianing,

    Even though this might sound not like home schooling, me and Daniel joined up on a Roblox Titanic game where it has facts about Titanic. Did you know that the Titanic snapped because a lot of weight was at the end that was up in the air?

    I did two pieces of writing this week. My story about the mirror was a rip off of hand spray which my mum forced me to do. The other one was based on a true story of when I saw a man going full speed and crashing his car into a van’s wheel and then the van’s wheel dropped off.

    I found the white rose maths kind of interesting but it was really long the video!

    Stay safe and if you see a man going full speed and crashing then call the police.


  6. Hi Douglas,
    I am so glad to hear about all of the fantastic learning you have been doing!

    I did not know that The Titanic snapped because there was a lot of weight at the end. That is a very interesting fact!
    I am glad to hear that you have done two pieces of writing this week. I’m sure they were very interesting and entertaining.

    If you are finding the White Rose Maths videos a bit long, why don’t you try pausing it half way through and doing 30 star jumps and jogging as fast as you can on the spot for 30 seconds before sitting down and watching the other half.

    I will definitely make sure that I call the police if ever I saw that!

    Stay safe Douglas!
    – Miss Godden :)

  7. Yazmin Mason-Oznannimlar says:

    Hi Miss Godden
    Im relly proud of my Nan she works in a shop,my Grandadhe is a uncle Jamie he is a security gard f and my Auntie Trina who also works in a shop as they are all key workers.
    Im also relly proud of my mum for trying her best to homeschool us all and keep my little sisiter busy to as she doent understand.
    my auntie rumi as she is pregneant with my little cousion wich im so happy about as its a girl as we need more girls in the family as its mainly boys.

  8. Hi Yaz,

    That is great! You should be very proud of all your family members who are key workers! They are working very hard and being very brave.
    And also well done to your mum! Make sure you carry on doing fantastic listening for her!
    Congratulations to your Aunty! That is very exciting! You will be able to teach her so many things.

    Stay safe and well Yaz.
    – Miss Godden :)

  9. Zackariah Ashiq-O'Toole says:

    Hi Miss Godden,

    The timetable link doesn’t appear to be working.
    Can you please fix it.


  10. Hi Zack,

    I’m very sorry for this. It should be fixed now.
    Thank you for letting me know.

    Miss Godden

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