Year 5 2014-15

The Human Life Cycle

The Human Life Cycle

This term Jet has been investigating Animals including Humans.  In order for us to understand animals better, we have examined their life cycles.

The first life cycle we have looked at is the Human Life Cycle…

Check out our display!

The Human Life Cycle

At home we have researched other life cycles.

Which animal did you research?  What was its life cycle?

24 comments on “The Human Life Cycle

    It is a type of snail that lives in the sea. Its life cycle is like this:
    The adult snail places the egg into the soil.
    When it hatches it comes out with a shell.
    It grows up to be a teenager nearly the size of an adult murex.
    when it has enough calcium it will have a good and strong shell.
    After the adult murex mates (and both snails lay the eggs)the life cycle will start all over again.

  2. I enjoyed your home learning Sophia, very informative. I never knew you could get purple dye from a sea snail. Well Done! =)

  3. Thank you very much,I didn’t know either that there was a purple dye-murex until my granddad told me about it. I find that creature really interesting.

  4. The amazing agrimi – A wild goat
    This animal is a rare species known in crete. With only 40 remaining in the world , there’re kept especially protected in centres designed to protect rare species.
    The amazing thing about the agrimi also known as the kri kri is that they are family to goats yet they have a distinct difference in look . Agrimis are black ,white and slightly beige with long or short is thought the size of the horns help calculate their age.

    Not much information is known about their life cycle.

  5. Well Done Chayse! Keep up the good home learning…

  6. Thank you miss Robb I enjoyed my homework I like life-cycles

  7. isaac and tavo says:

    i like the display and life cycles tavo

  8. So do I!

  9. my homework was about a koala life cycle. when their babies, their mum carries them around until they R like 4 yrs old

  10. Wow that is a great Koala fact! Imagine your mum holding you all the time till you was 4 Kasey…

  11. I did a horse because there life cycle is interesting and there my favourite animal at the moment as well as tortouses and elephants

  12. Horses are incredibly beautiful creatures. Well done Lexy!

  13. I love horses to their my favourite

  14. I can’t imagine my mum holding me at 4 Ms Robb its
    juss 2 weird ! like I wasn’t a baby at 4 .

  15. YO Chloe how come u never told me dat u luv horses?
    by the way ………….. IM STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nice work year 5 its amazing

  17. Delvie Bokete says:

    Are life cycle jet class is very good

  18. miss Robb

  19. szumj001.206 says:

    I agree with Alexy and Chloe because their my favourite animals too!!!!!
    I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Rubie - raine says:

    I think that we should do a display on African myths next instead of the Greek mythical creatures !!!!

  21. Rubie - raine says:

    I think that we should do a display on African myths next instead of the Greek mythical creatures !!!!

  22. Samps023.206 says:

    I like the way you done the human life circle

  23. I like tortoises as well. They eat lettuce, live for a hundred years and are great pets because you don’t need to walk them, they are easy to feed and are cute.

  24. India roberts-saggo says:

    It’s fun learning about all the different things you can do at different ages

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