Year 4 2018-19

What is your favourite topping?


Crepes or pancakes? Both delicious! So what is your favourite topping?

Do I detect fruit? Pear?

Looks like a healthy dollop of Nutella is popular!

Caring is sharing and in Coral Class we SHARE and CARE.

Did someone go over the top with the icing sugar?

Need to make sure I get every last bit out!



I spy with my little eye…..FRUIT!

10 comments on “What is your favourite topping?

  1. My favourite toppings are lemon and sugar

  2. my favourite toppings are nutella and grap’s and strawbery.

  3. and lemon and suger

  4. I can’t approve your blogs if you have not used your LGFL email.

  5. I have two favourites and there are, lemon and sugar and nutella

  6. Ground hazelnuts and apricot jam

  7. My favourite pancake toping is lemon and sugar also banana / strawberry and nutella.

  8. My favourite pancake topping is icing and lemon .

  9. My favourite topping on a pancake is nutella

  10. My favorite topping on a pancake is nutella

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