Year 1 2018-19

What signs of Spring can you see?


Sapphire class have been exploring the wonderful weather and have been observing the different seasons since September!



What are the signs of SPRING?

What signs of Spring have you spotted out and about?

11 comments on “What signs of Spring can you see?

  1. I was walking with my mummy and I saw some flowers growing in the park.

  2. The day is longer and l see beautiful flowers everywhere!

  3. Daniel Adkin says:

    I have seen blossom on the trees.

  4. Daniel Adkin says:

    In Stamford, where my grandad lives, I saw spring lambs.

  5. Jimmy pipinka says:

    Flowers growing everywhere

  6. Me and my family were cycling and I saw a creeper with flowers on it and one day I saw a lamb in the field.

  7. The grass is growing longer.

  8. Me and my family went to the Kew Garden were I saw the most beautiful flowers


    I can see daisies and blossoms growing and some grass and some lilies and roses and dandelions I have found 5 different flowers of the seasons I like different parts of the

  10. I saw lavenders they smell good.

  11. I saw flowers, that was pink and purple and blue.

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