Year 2 2014-15

What’s the time, Ruby Class?


Ruby Class have been learning all about how to tell the time!

We turned ourselves into a human clock in the school playground to help us understand how to read ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ on a clock. We had so much fun!IMG_0073IMG_0071


10 comments on “What’s the time, Ruby Class?

  1. This activtey looks interesting

  2. it was fun.

  3. it looks rily fun and it was fun as well carah shod me


  5. Wow!looks cool!

  6. India roberts-saggo says:

    Wow that looks fun

  7. India roberts-saggo says:

    I love doing lessons outside

  8. Jada-Lee CHRISTIE says:

    It looks fun

  9. Looks very cool

  10. Looks very interesting ??

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