Autumn Term 1 in Emerald Class – ‘Favourite Stories’

We are very excited about the year ahead in Emerald Class! The children have had a fantastic first week getting to know each other and making friends. We are learning to take turns and share fairly with our exciting resources in the classroom. Our classroom is becoming a special place, full of laughter, fun and enthusiasm for learning.

This half term we will focus on settling the children into the classroom to give them the best possible start to their journey in their new school. We will also be learning about our topic, ‘Favourite Stories’. This is a lovely topic to start the year with as it gives the children the opportunity to share their favourite story from home. We will also be reading lots of fun, well loved stories such as The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Hen.

We will have lots of writing opportunities such as practising our mark making in the writing area and writing our new phonics sounds. As well as lots of talking and listening activities, we will also be getting busy making masks of the characters from the stories, painting pictures from the stories and drawing a self-portrait for our class display.

We are very excited about getting to know each other better and having a fantastic, fun year in Emerald Class!