Autumn 1 in Emerald Class – ‘Superheroes’

We want to say a warm welcome to all of the children and families who will join us in Emerald class this September! I’m looking forward to teaching some of you again this year and getting to know all the new children.  Although these are very uncertain times at the moment,  we will do our best to keep in touch and make sure that the children feel happy, safe and welcome in our class.

This is a very different start to our usual autumn term, however, we are still aiming to learn and explore whilst having fun along the way!

In the first few weeks of being in Reception we will focus on getting used to our new classroom and playground, making new friends and learning our classroom routines.  It is especially important at the moment that we focus on the children’s mental well-being by ensuring we provide a warm, nurturing and safe environment in their class. We are going to be spending time on our personal, social and emotional development through a range of circle time activities, role play, books and puppets. We will be thinking about what makes us happy, sad and angry, and discussing ways to manage our feelings.

Our topic for this term is ‘Superheroes’. We will be thinking of superheroes we know and what makes them superheroes. We hope this will open a discussion of what makes us special. We will look around us and see if we have superheroes in our local communities and even within our families.

In literacy, we will recap on phonics Phase 1 and 2 and some children will be ready to begin using their sounds to make words. There will be ample opportunities to  mark make in all areas in our classroom. Our topics will be taught using rich, well-written books to spark the children’s imagination.

We will have weekly writing tasks and run reading interventions weekly.

In maths, the children will have opportunities to use mathematical language in their play with the support of an adult. We will order numbers, count forwards and backwards, solve number problems and learn about 2D and 3D shapes.

You can find me at the school gate every afternoon should you have any queries or concerns about your child. If you need to speak with me about a private matter, you can contact me through the school’s telephone number.


I look forward to working alongside you to bring out the best in your child.