Welcome to the start of Autumn Term!

We are really looking forward to fun learning activities this term!


The Egyptians have arrived!

We will learn where Egypt is in the world and when the Ancient Egypt civilisation first appeared. We will investigate the culture of Ancient Egyptians, their daily lives and religious beliefs. We will learn about their great achievements; the development of the pyramids, the Egyptian writing and number system, their inventions and about some of their most famous pharaohs. Children will read and write hieroglyphics messages.



This term we will be reading the  text ‘Leon and the place between’ by Angela Mcallister and Grahame Baker-Smith, based on the theme of Magic and Wonder. Children will write narratives, recounts and setting descriptions based on the book. They will also be using dramatic techniques in class.



 Children will learn about number and place value of each digit in a 2/3/4-digit numbers. The children will add and subtract and 2/3 digit numbers by partitioning and recombining. We will also be looking at fractions, lines of symmetry in shapes and completing symmetrical drawings. We will describe, name and sort 2D/3d shapes using their properties.


In Science the children will be learning about Animals Including Humans. The children will develop an understanding of diet and how we need a balanced diet to grow, be active and maintain good health. The children will become familiar with food groups and will plan their own healthy meals.

This half term the children will also learn to name bones and understand why we have bones and joints in our bodies. They will be making their own moving skeletons! Children will be learning the similarities and differences between our skeletons and those of other animal animals.


Year 3 will be looking at the importance of the bible in the Christian faith, they will be learning what the bible teaches about faith and reflect on what faith means to us.                                                                                                           


This term children will design and edit simple coding programs. They will carry out virtual experiments- linked to our science topic ‘Animals and Humans’. Children will research information about pharaohs and Egyptian Gods using the internet.


Outdoor PE –  Invasion games (hockey)

Indoor PE-  Gymnastics/fitness


Children will be taught music across the curriculum.


Homework will be set each Friday and expected back on the following Wednesday. Remember to read every day and bring your reading log to school every day.