Spring Term in Opal Class


This term we will be reading the following two texts ‘The first Drawing’ by Mordicai Gerstein and the ‘BFG’ by Roald Dahl. Children will write diary entries, explore the conventions of speech, create character descriptions and use drama. Children will be developing their writing, reading and grammar skills.

The children will read a range of information texts linked to our topic of Volcanoes and Earthquakes.


This term we will be revisiting and building on our knowledge of the number system and place value. We will continue to solve problems involving the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will learn about measurements, fractions, time, recall multiplication and division facts as well as position and direction. We will also learn about statistics linked to our learning on our topic.


Year 3 will be learning how the earth was formed and how the earth is made up of different layers. We will be researching different types of volcanoes and investigating how volcanoes erupt. The children will learn what happens within the earth before an earthquake and how earthquakes are measured. We will locate volcanoes and earthquakes on a world map. Furthermore, we will discover the position of tectonic plates on earth and the effects of different natural weather events.


This is also linked with our topic. Children will learn about different types of rocks: metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks. They will investigate the properties of rock and its uses in everyday life. They will learn what different soils are made from. Year 3 will study different types of fossils and find out how fossils are formed.


This term we will build on our knowledge of the Jewish faith. Recall important events, festivals and the Ten Commandments. We will find out about important events that are remembered at Easter time and understand the significance of Easter.   


We will be looking at internet safety, using Lgfl to access activities and learning to use scratch. We will carry out virtual experiments linked to our science topic ‘rocks’. We will also research our topic and science.


This term in PE children will be playing invasion games based around tag rugby. There will be focus on team work.


Children will compose music for a range of purposes. The children will perform using their voices and by learning to play the recorder with increasing control and expression.


Homework will be set each Friday and expected back on the following Wednesday. Remember to read every day and bring your signed reading logs to school every day. Keep practising your 3, 4 and 8 times table.