Happy New Year to all our parents, carers and children!

This is our Spring Term and after the ‘introduction’ in the Autumn Term children are now expected to fully immerse themselves in their learning with high expectations. They, off course, will be supported with  differentiated work. We firmly believe that children are inherently curious and our job is to nurture it enabling them to actively and enthusiastically participate in their learning.


We are excited with our new Literary Tree curriculum which means the children have the opportunity to learn and develop their reading, writing and grammar using key text. This term our texts are FArTHER by Grahame Baker Smith.


We have already begun our Spring 1 maths with Fractions: Equivalent, Simplifying, Counting in fractions, Fractions of quantities, addition and subtracting fractions and decimal fractions. We will revisit Decimals, Measurements, Word problems, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Towards the end of the term children will cover Shapes, Data Handling, Co-Ordinates, Position, Direction and Translation.


We intend to fully immerse ourselves in our topic Rainforests! So much to learn…so little time!. We have started looking at atlases and identifying which countries have rainforests and will be looking closely at the Amazon Rainforest. From habitats to deforestation to making our own ‘rainforest’ in the classroom, we will be extremely busy incorporating lots of different activities. Children will learn how and why they are known as the LUNGS of the WORLD. We hope to visit the rainforest in London Zoo to give as an idea of humidity, environment and animals. Watch this space!


Our computing this term will be recapping our e safety and using a program called Scratch. The children will learn how to write a program and execute it, identifying bugs/errors and fixing them. We will venture into multimedia and using it to present our research.


This is linked to our topic, rainforests and we will be looking at habitats and how animals have adapted. A visit to Gillespie Park for some pond dipping and a mini beast hunt has to happen, consolidating our learning.


The unit for RE this term Hinduism. The children will learn the importance of the symbols, their beliefs and the teachings in Hinduism. A visit to the Mandir in Wembley will be booked giving the children an opportunity to gain first hand experience of what they have learned in the classroom.


Coral Class will begin the term with fitness, balance and stability. Wide and varied activities are planned to hone and develop these skills.


Homework will be set each Friday and expected back on the following Wednesday. Remember to read a minimum 20 minutes every day. Also remember your child should know all their multiplication tables by the end of Year 4. Practise! Practise! Practise! and for those that know them…If you don’t use it you’ll loose it!