Hello and welcome to the new school year! :-)

What a lovely summer we’ve had! Usually people leave the UK for sun but this year people left to get away from the stifling heat. Nothing like a beach, sea breeze and a palm tree or two.

Wherever you happen to spent your holidays I hope you managed to relax and revive yourselves for the new academic year. There are lots happening so keep checking the website for updates.


We will begin the Autumn term with reading a book called Varmints by Helen Ward and using it as a resource to investigate Climate Change. The children will have the opportunity to discuss the affects of climate change, its impact and its causes. We will also watch a short film and learn how to read clues, both textually and visually, to sequence events. Children will also look at personification and apply it in their writing.


Autumn term will begin with the maths units Place Value and the Number System, moving towards addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Towards the end of the term the children will learn measurement and conversions, finally statistics. The children will also learn Roman Numerals, cross curricular with out Roman Topic.


Our exciting topic this term is Romans. Children will learn about the Romans, when and how they invaded Britain and the changes they bought. The children will find out about Roman life and culture and we will attempt to replica some of their artefacts e.g. mosaics, vases, shields, helmets.


Our computing this term will be recapping our e safety and using a program called Scratch. The children will learn how to write a program and execute it, identifying bugs/errors and fixing them.


Our science topic this term is Animals including Humans. We will be looking at the human digestive system, describing its functions and  comparing teeth between animals and humans.


The unit for RE this term is How Did Belief in God Affect The Actions of People in the Old Testament? In this unit children will listen and read Old Testament stories of people whose belief in God affected their actions; Solomon, Jonah, Daniel and Goliath, Ruth, Moses and Abraham.They will learn Christians believe God gives people wisdom, strength and help if they ask Him.


Coral Class will begin the term with fitness, balance and stability. Wide and varied activities are planned to hone and develop these skills.



Homework will be set each Friday and expected back on the following Wednesday. Remember to read a minimum 20 minutes every day. Also remember your child should know all their multiplication tables by the end of Year 4. Practise! Practise! Practise! and for those that know them…If you don’t use it you’ll loose it!