As part of English unit and Black History we have been studying the text African Tales.

We have been researching the continent of Africa and learning about the different countries that these traditional tales originate from.

Children have been completing role play activities and writing their own traditional tales in class.


Which was your favorite African Tale and why?

Which African country did you enjoy learning about and what interesting facts have you learnt?

8 comments on “African Tales

  1. Hello Year 4! I am looking forward to reading your responses.

  2. hey mr jones

  3. MY favorite tale is Mbkeni and the other tale.

  4. me and faithful are exited

  5. Mbkene was my favourite African tale from the text.

  6. My favourite African tale is anase and king of Ethiopia I think?

  7. Goodnight

  8. My favourite african tale was mbekene and the impalas

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