Our beans in a bag have been GROWING!

Some have even managed to poke their way through the sealed bags!

How tall in centimetres do you think they have grown to?

How tall in centimetres do you think they will be next week?

Now we know our bean in a bags have grown on the display, Do you think the cupboard bean has grown? Why or why not?

6 comments on “Bean in a bag!

  1. Zackariah Ashiq-O'Toole says:

    I think the beans will have grown between 11 and 17cm tall.

    In one week they will be between 16 and 22cm tall.

    I think the cupboard bean might have grown a bit because the water helped it but because there is no light it might have not grown at all.

  2. I think the beans have grown 5 to 10 cm tall. Next week I think they will be 17 to 20 cm tall.
    I think the bean in the cupboard will have grown a little bit but not as much as ours because it doesn’t have sunlight and plants need sunlight to grow.

  3. I think it would be 206 mm, also I think next week it would be 243 mm.

    The bean in the cupboard has not grown much because there is no light.

  4. I think it is 5cm. I think it will be 7cm next week. No because it has no light.

  5. I think it is 6cm and by next week it will be 7 cm. We have been off school for 6 weeks so it is 1cm per week.

  6. They have big roots Josh and Dogles.

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