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Coming back to school has been an eventful occasion for all the children and staff. We missed everyone so much and it was lovely to see all of the happy faces on the children in Ruby Class. Although we have a lot of academic work to catch up on,  the well-being of each child was more important to focus. We had lots of fun activities that we did throughout the first week and we also managed to learn more about our emotions and how we can express them. We introduced a worry box for the children to use when they feel like they want to talk to an adult. This has been used and has proven to be very helpful for many of the children.

Within the topic of well-being, we discussed things that we like about ourselves. The children-and adults-in Ruby Class talked about at least one thing that they liked about their appearance and one thing at they liked about their personality. The answers ranged from their hair to their feet. It was wonderful to see such a confident class who could name a list of things that they loved about themselves. Once they had written about their favourite quality, we took a picture of each child’s favourite feature and put them all together as a collage in the hallway.  We would have loved for you all to come inside and take a look but given the circumstances, we have taken a picture for you to see and comment on below. Clicking on the picture will enlarge it.

Ruby class children, can you recognise yourself in the pictures?

Maybe you can ask your parents what they like about themselves?

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  1. Lachie Turner says:

    ok that is a great picture!

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