Children’s Mental Health Week


This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme is ‘Express yourself’!

It is very important, especially now, that we are expressing ourselves in fun, creative and healthy ways.
How do you like to express yourself?

Ms Braithwaite likes to express herself by going for runs.
Mr Jones likes to express himself by singing out loud.
Mr McEleney likes to express himself by dancing to his favourite songs.
Miss Adams likes to express herself by cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
Ms Mohamed likes to express herself by writing.
Miss Godden likes to express herself through solving puzzles.

Below is a virtual assembly with guest appearances, which is all about our mental health and expressing ourselves in a positive way.

Here are a list of ideas which explore the theme of ‘Expressing Yourself’:


Try this simple ‘draw your feelings’ activity by Place2Be’s Art Room team. You will need some paper and something to draw with.


Try acting out your emotions through movement like in the clip below.


Watch this short video by Classical MPR and think about or with someone, discuss the different ways music can change how we feel and express yourself

Or you could choose a song from the list below (or one of your own)learn the words and sing it. You could also join in by clapping, clicking your fingers, using percussion instruments, miming or dancing.

Dress to Express

You could express yourself through your clothes, hair etc.
Wear your favourite colour or choose a range of colours that express how you’re feeling.

Colour can be very personal and mean different things to different people, so this is a great opportunity for self-expression and to celebrate a diverse range of emotions.

What have you chosen to wear?
How do you feel when you dress like this? 

You may have other ways that you like to express yourself that aren’t listed (for example, writing a story or a poem or cooking), please explore these as well!

Don’t forget to upload pictures and videos of you expressing yourself in all sorts of exciting and healthy ways!

Have a great week!



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  1. samiya.farah says:

    I like to express myself by painting, how do you express yourself?

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