As part of our English text, Coral Class have been busy writing and typing our very own individual argument, against deforestation.

To help aid our argument, we debated for and against deforestation using a conscious alley. It was great fun and the class even used their scientific knowledge to support their argument.

If you can, have a look at our display wall in class to see our fantastic arguments!

Which argument did you think was the strongest for and against deforestation?

9 comments on “Conscious Alley

  1. i would say the strongest argument was we can use artificial power supplies ~stelian`s argument

  2. i think that the best argument was that if we cut down wood then our prices would get better ~Kevin`s argument

  3. l enjoyed the alley because we had a big argument that we learnt lots from.

  4. I think the best argument is “If we cut down wood we could make different resources.” ~ Kayla`s argument

  5. Benjy Seymour and Nahom Tesfamariam says:

    I think that the best argument for not supporting deforestation is we need trees to create oxygen to survive and if their is no oxygen in the world we will die

    I think that the best the argument for deforestation is we need wooden resources for are daily life such as pencils, wardrobes, desks and many more.I DON’T WANT DETENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i really like the argument because it was fun with Archie walking in the middle

  7. chann-lei and maleah says:

    I think the best argument is if we cut down trees we could cut down animals trees and we could destroy the animals habitats and you wouldn’t like it if someone destroyed your home.

  8. Rex R and Rex L says:

    I think it was very fun, but I felt a bit guilty on the “for deforestation” side

    i think the best stand-up speech is a lot of people said it “we can use different materials”

    I think that the best argument was either the “the ocean is our main source of oxygen” or the “we have other materials” one, like Rex R said.

  9. Jasmine salik says:

    I think the strongest argument was against deforestation because they used scientific language and some facts. we need oxygen to live!

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