This term in Tundra Class, we have been learning all about Ancient Greece.

We learned about daily life in Ancient Greece focusing on:

  • Homes
  • Children
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Women
  • Men

Tundra Class, Please share below what you know about daily life in Ancient Greece.

17 comments on “Daily Life in Ancient Greece

  1. Athalia Diyamona says:

    Ancient Greece is so interesting

  2. Athalia Diyamona says:

    I love Ancient Greece

  3. I want to learn more about the woman and when they got more freedom

  4. Athalia Diyamona says:

    Ancient Greece is so big!

  5. I want to learn more about men

  6. I want to learn more about men and woman

  7. I found learning about daily life in ancient Greece really fun because there were some really strange facts like for example they used an inflated PIGS BLADDER as a ball. In general ancient Greece is really fun because there different ways are cool.

  8. fact:they use to play football with a pigs bladder[they blew it up with there mouths]

  9. They played with an INFLATED PIGS BLADDER.

  10. Stelian Dibra says:

    In Athens they had a direct democracy also they had different people for different parts in the democracy they had

  11. Fact:women were called incomplete males and there was a lot of disapointment when a baby girl was born

  12. men had to allow woman to go out the house when they wanted to.

  13. jasmine salik says:

    Ancient Greece has democracy but no woman,slave and poor people can vote and i dont think its fair

  14. Children would be expected to help with the household chores but they would still try to find time to play with stuff like a pig’s bladder that had been blown up!

  15. darcy bowdennn x says:

    it was really fun but a little hard at the same time , fact; poor slept on the florr while the rich slept in clean beds. fact; poor people use a chamber pot to go to the toilet [they also use a stone to wipe]

  16. I found it fun because we got to do a bunch of fun things.

  17. I really like lirening about Ancient Greece

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