Hi Onyx,

Today, we worked with Caroline in the garden to sow wild flower seeds.

What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? Please share a comment below.

7 comments on “Gardening with Caroline

  1. Edmund.boateng says:

    taking out the weed was my favourite part

  2. I enjoyed making the soil in line with the rest of it and I learned how long it will grow for.

  3. On Gardening day, the things I learnt was that you do not plant seeds, you sow seeds!

  4. in this lession we planted some seeds and we dug up weeds it was really fun and intresting

  5. this session was really fun because i pulled that massive root and we planted some seeds and put gravel on it to stop it from being flanted

  6. Overall, the gardening lesson was a good chance to work with plants/greenery and have fun with friends.

  7. I enjoyed sowing and watering the seeds. It was really fun to learn about how the wildflower seeds are mixed with old buckwheat seeds so that you can see where not to put anymore seeds. I also learnt that if you spread gravel on top of the seeds it stops the seeds blowing away.

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