In class, we have been reading Goodnight Mister Tom. The book is related to our WW2 topic and really reminds us of the good nature of people, especially in times of need. It also highlights the compassion (our Christian value this week) of people, especially those who we may think would be the last to show it.
Year 5, what has been your favourite part of this book so far, and most importantly why? Also, who is your favourite character and why?


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  1. My favourite part of this book was when Mr Oakly put the belt in the bin instead of hitting willie with it because he started to care for him and started to feel bad for willie that his mum abused him back home.

    My favourite character is Mr Oakly because he let Willie in even tho he did’t want an evacuee to live with him.

  2. My favourite part of Goodnight Mr Tom is when William meets Zach and they get along.
    My favourite character is Thomas Oakley because he starts of grumpy then he’s all caring for william.

  3. My favourite character is Mr Oakley because even though he acts grumpy on the outside he is really kind and compassionate on the inside. My favourite part was when Mr Oakley took Willie into town and got him a library card, a comic, a strawberry sweet and four paint brushes.

  4. Mete kalmis says:

    My favourite character is Mr Oakley because he is caring and grumpy my favourite part is when Willie and Zack have a chat

  5. George.pipinka says:

    My favourite part of good night mr Tom is when mr Oakley puts the belt in the bin not hitting Willie with it. I also like when Willie meets a boy named Zack and they end up being friends.

  6. my favourite is Mr. Oakley. and my best bit is when willy made friends with Zack

  7. Nomqhele Khumalo says:

    My favourite character is Zack he tried hard to be friends with Willie and is quite a chatter box. He always make’s me smile and he tries to make Willie smile

  8. My favourite part is when Willie meets Tom because it seems like Willie feels for comfortable with Tom . My favourite Character is Zach because he seems like a very posh considerate person and a good friend

  9. My favourite part of the book “Good night MrTom”is when Mr Oakley gave the paint away that was once owned by his late wife called Rachel (the paint was probably very hard to give away )

    My favourite character in this story is MrOakley because he was first grumpy and annoyed then started to be loving towards Willie because he had lots of bruises

  10. Oluwadara Olowoporoku says:

    my favourite part in the book is when Zach shows up, because he comes out of nowhere and just starts yapping away until his mouth gets to the opposite side of the earth. ( its really funny. ;) )

    Another funny part is that he is also my favourite character because he’s funny, or maybe I should be saying that his whole body is funny, like seriously look at his character description in the book. (oh, sorry you’ve already read it, :0 )

  11. My favourite part in “Good night Mr tom” is when Mr Oakley gave Willie his own room, Willie never got sleep in a bed before

    My favourite character in the story is Mr Oakley because at the start he was grumpy now he’s spreading love to Willie because he had lots of bruises on his back

  12. My favourite bit of the book is when Mr Tom said his tea is getting cold on the table. However he and he said, ‘go back home’ and when he comes returned he was greeted with a party with all his friends and family. Then Mr Oakley starts to play the piano and then they all sing and then all go home.

  13. My favourite part of the dress up day is when we make corn bee hash and we ate in the staff room and we make the tags is was fun.

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