Well done, Onyx!

We have had a term full of lots of fun and learning and we have successfully made it to the end!

Thinking back over some of the learning we have done this term, please comment below, what has been your highlight moment from this autumn term or your favorite unit of work!

13 comments on “Onyx Class x End of Term

  1. Alistair Turner says:

    My favourite thing to learn about during this term was writing such a vast range of literacy pieces we wrote. They were fun and enjoyable.

  2. The thing I loved the most about this term was P.E and swimming. It was so cool to go under the water surface and learn all the types of swimming strokes while at the same time playing different types of dodgeball games like king and queen or jedi but if it has to be work related my favourite subject was maths. To be more specific my favourite part was adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. Some of it was easy and some was hard because you had to convert the fraction up and down to get the answer but in the end I mostly did all the questions and did quite good if I do say so myself.

  3. Derek Wolczynski says:

    My favourite part of the term was when we went swimming. I really enjoyed doing this and I learned many new things.

  4. In my opinion this was the best term I ever had since year 5 and it was so fun. My favourite part of the term was going to the Briitish Museum and looking at Benin bronzes and I liked when we done our assembly, this term was my favourite.

  5. My favourite aspect of learning this term was swimming and Maths because Maths is so fun! I like being challenged because I love challenges and working out! I enjoyed all aspects like the four operations and fractions. And swimming was so fun because you get to learn the different types of swimming.

  6. Nomqhele Khumalo says:

    My favourite thing was fractions in math because I liked to simplify and make mixed fractions. I hope there will be more.

  7. I really liked when we did the surrealism art work. I did a rainbow eye bleeding tears. It was really fun.


  8. My favourite thing I liked to learn this term was poems in English it was fun considering I like to write poems most of the time. I also enjoyed when Phil the poet came in and we did poems in groups and preformed it to the class

  9. My favourite thing or lesson this term was Swimming in Cally pool because we did so many lengths which was tiring but I loved doing life saving in the deep end

    Yohana xx

  10. Shiloh.Daley says:

    I liked adding and subtracting fractions in maths. I enjoyed seeing the Benin bronzes at the museum.

  11. I love doing maths in year 6 because I think I learn a lot in maths and I think its really fun doing maths with my friends and other people in my classroom. I love learning about fractions in my classroom.

  12. My favourite thing i learned this term was RE beacuse it was really fun and interesting what we learned and I was interested in learning about the meaning of Christmas.

  13. I enjoyed some of the math work like adding and converting fractions.

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