Ruby class went on a hunt around our school environment. We recorded all of the different plants that we could see.

We found many  plants, varying from trees to flowers. Some of which, we had never noticed before.


What plants have you found in your local environment?

3 comments on “Plant hunting!

  1. Ben, Romola's dad says:

    31/3/20- there doesn’t appear to be a post about ‘beans in a bag’; science lesson for today. RE links yesterday didn’t work either I’m afraid- the links were not quite right. Could you let us know on the blog if there are IT issues. Thanks

  2. Hello!
    The bean in a bag blog should be up there now.
    The Re links have been working for others- maybe try on a different device with this link
    Otherwise you can access them by going onto the Year 1 page – home learning – Easter story lessons and resources posted in the 20th March 2020.
    I hope this helps!

  3. I love plants I am growing some in the garden.

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