This term, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London! The children in Ruby Class have been doing lots of fantastic writing on this amazing topic. They’ve pretended to be someone who lived during the Great Fire of London and written a diary entry on what they saw. We had some amazing adjectives too! The most popular adjective being ‘crackling’.

To conclude the topic, we had an Immersion Day. The children came to school thinking it was 2020, but they had in fact entered the year of 1666. They got to dress up in wonderful costumes and even learnt how to dance like a Tudor!  We looked at artefacts from the Tudor and Stuart era, and played a game to guess what the artefacts were used for. There were some very interesting answers, and we were quite surprised that the children guessed right for some of the more confusing-looking artefacts.

To end the day, we made Tudor homes and added them to our new classroom display.

This was a fantastic topic and we really enjoyed teaching it to the children. Well done to all of the children for working so hard!

Kids: What was your favourite part of the Immersion Day? Remember to comment below.


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  1. My favourite part of the Immersion Day was when I got to dress up as a Tudor.

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