Hello Emerald!

Our new topic this half-term is all about SPACE! What are you looking forward to finding out? What questions do you want to find answers to? Can you share them with an adult and ask them to write them on our blog page?


I would like to know what the weather is like on other planets!  What about you?

3 comments on “Space Questions

  1. Millie Wise-Moir says:

    How do they drive the rocket to the moon?

  2. Nova Wheetman says:

    I would like to know what is around the planets?
    Why is there stars in the sky?
    Why is the moon in the sky?
    Why is space dark?

  3. samiya.farah says:

    Morning Nova and Millie! Those are some fantastic questions! I wonder why there are stars in the sky too! Do you think they might help us see at night? :)

    I have noted these questions down and we will have a go at finding the answers together!

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