It is the 27th October 1915. It has just become clear that the Endurance is beyond repair. Shackleton has made a speech to boost morale and give the orders. What are your thoughts?

19 comments on “The Endurance 27.10.1915

  1. Wow! Shackleton is giving us lots of jobs. He’s really keeping our morale up! I’ve been given the job to go hunting, so I’m waiting for seals by the edge of the ice. We only have bow and arrows. I have to leave now. I wonder what’s next.

  2. Well here I am, the Endurance is about to sink and I’ve been commanded by my captain, Shackleton, to gather everything we need to survive. We have all been given a job to do such as, retrieve food, weapons, supplies, food, wood and even dogs. Well, it’s going to be a difficult job. What makes me more confident is that Shackleton just gave a speech to keep our moral up. My job is to gather all the weapons and supplies from the ship. Got to do what I got to do.

  3. Well of course we are here! We have lots of jobs to do and the Endurance is sinking and Shackleton made a speech for us to keep our spirit high. Well, we have lots to do so I have to sign off in a minute now but I wonder what’s going to happen?! I’ve got the job of getting the dogs in the lower deck with team one.

  4. Well here we are. Almost half the Endurance has sunk and we have so much to do. Shackleton just gave a inspiring speech about what we need to do, I’m Co captain for the dogs.That’s only one of the many jobs including, retrieving weapons, getting food and drink and also getting lost possessions. This is going to be a lot of work I can tell you that. Oh there goes the bell, time to train the dogs.

  5. Well here we are. The Endurance almost lost in the Atlantic, Shackleton has just finished his speech to keep morale high. Everyone has jobs to do i am with worsley, to collect the dogs and prepare them Charles, group has to collect all the food and water Wild has to get the recources anyways i have to sign off now.

  6. Shackleton’s speech was motivational for me and probably other crew members. Well we’re here in the death-freezing cold Antarctica. We have been given so many tasks like training dogs, getting food and water in groups and of course retrieving lost possessions.

  7. Here we are. The ship sinking, Shackleton is saying a speech and he put us in groups, like gathering supplies, hunting and training the dogs. I know that it will be hard, that’s for sure! I’ve got to train the dogs.

  8. Well here we are, The Endurance is about to sink, we don’t know what to do! We are about to sink and Shackleton has had to make a speech to keep out morale high. Everyone is panicking and Shackleton is ordering us to do job’s, I’ve been given a job to look after the dog’s and it’s pretty difficult because the dog’s keep running away. Shackleton was trying to keep the ship steady but it’s just making everything worse, all of a sudden everyone gave up while the Endurance was still the sinking.

  9. Well here we are , The Endurance our home is about to sink . Shackleton has given us a speech to keep our hopes high and he gave us each a job . My job is to collect all the food, but the kitchen is submerged in water. Wild’s job is to train all the dogs and get the sleds while Frank’s job is to get weapons . Well I better get to it

  10. Well Shackleton just gave a speech but the Endurance is about to sink do I have to be quick and do my job which is getting all the dogs before they sink. I can’t say much but I can say that this will be hard.

  11. Well,this is going to be a long day. Mr Shackleton made me think that we can do it but I know it will take a long time. We have done so much, why stop now? That is what I have been telling my self all this time to motivate me. Oh, I have to go train the dogs …

  12. Would you like to be stranded in the middle of the Antarctic without any hope of safe return to England? The Endurance is slowly sinking into the murky depths of the South Pole. Shackleton is trying to motivate us but it is no use. I need to gather all the supplies from starboard. Our ship is broken but not are spirit.

  13. So here is my location, the icy cold Antarctic. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in my situation, you’re stranded on the ice, your only way home has been beaten up by the ice and no longer useful, about to drown in the freezing depths of the sea. Seriously, how would you feel? Anyway Shackleton has given us numerous jobs to do so I must get back to it.

  14. Well here we are, standing next to the Endurance sinking. Shackleton had a speech to keep our morale up. He had jobs like train the dogs, get the food and water, get all the supplies and weapons from the ship. I got the job to train the dogs, well the bell has rang I have to go.

  15. Well,here we are .The crew confused about there next choice,we don’t know to start rebelling or stay with Shackleton .He made a speech to convince most of us ,which it did .But I know my idea ,its to stay with Shackleton and do the job .I’m signing off now.

  16. The ships about to sink. And Shackleton is trying to boost our morale to make us the work so we can survive . Shackleton is making a speech he is currently saying that the ice broke our ship not our heart. I’m scared I mean I always had a funny feeling.I,ve been asked to get at least 7 tons of wood and food while Gregory is collecting all the dogs.

  17. Well here we are, the stranded Endurance is coming to a end, a big end-.. Shackletons speech and motivational speech was great. Unfortunately us isolated crew members still don’t know if we should actually do this anymore but it’s okay we will figure it out. We all have jobs to do, I work for the dogs and there also lots of different jobs like the camera man, the guy who sets up and more! If we want to leave Antarctica then I don’t know how that’s going to happen …

  18. Shackleton has just given an amazing speech . My job is to gather the food which is risky because the food is on the bottom deck. It could already be filled with water to the top…

  19. Well here we are. The Endurance is just holding on but at some point it will have to give in. Shackleton has just given his inspirational speech and he has assigned me to collect the sleds from the Endurance and take care of the dogs. I think we all feel a bit better after that. We now have some thing to do instead of waiting pointlessly . We might actually survive this!

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