We have absolutely loved learning all about how Philippe Petit bravely walked a tightrope between the twin towers in this brilliant book.

Can you write a paragraph to create suspense to describe the moment before he walks out on the tightrope?

4 comments on “The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

  1. As I stepped out on to the row I could feel the wind beneath my feet I started to swish and sway and I finally took another step carefully and anxiously in the end got down and put my hands out so the police could put handcuffs on me .

  2. when I walked out into the hurling winds the sky swallowed me up whole. I could here the steady voices of the police officers who where waiting for me in the building. My lungs took hold of the overpowering scent of freedom freedom I new would not last. The final thing I remember before being dragged away by the police is the yawning gap between me and earth.

  3. Amazing adverbs Caitlin, I hope you will be an amazing author when you grow up. The word that made me so wowed was overpowering and hurling????

  4. As I took my first step, my best friend the wind blew past me like a rocket flying past the stars.I took a breath… I did not look down! All of a sudden I was walking dancing and jumping on the rope.The suspense was killing me at first then when the mighty breeze flew past my red hair I knew I was doing what I loved most

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