At St Mark’s we want parents, carers, children and staff to work together as partners. We aim to create a stimulating, challenging and fun learning environment where children can achieve to the best of their abilities in all areas and be responsible members of the school community.

We welcome all parents into school every morning to work with their child from 8.50-9.00am

The benefits for the children when Parents work as Partners are:

• It is easier for children to learn because they get encouragement at home

• They learn better and achieve more because their parents are involved

• Children get access to more activities in and out of school because there are more adults to help

• Their concerns can be sorted out quicker because their parents have a positive relationship with school staff

• They are happy because their parents are enjoying events in the school.

The benefits for parents when they work in partnership are:

• Their children achieve more because they are involved

• They are better able to help and encourage their children at home and at school

• They have more information about their children’s education

• Parents can build their own confidence and skills

• Parents get reassurance that their children are receiving a good education.