This week our Junior Leadership Team (JLT) and Climate Change Club (CCC) met with members of Islington Council’s Climate Change and Transport Team. Following a workshop with local residents on Thursday 2 March the JLT and CCC have engaged in the design process, as active and important stakeholders for the local project.

The project, titled ‘Greening Sussex Way’, has been set up by Islington Council to develop the area where Sussex Way meets Tollington Way (See map below).  The aim for the project  is to create a friendly neighbourhood garden and play space that can be enjoyed by local resident, parents and children.

The JLT & CCC took part in a workshop to discuss the importance of green spaces and why they are so crucial to the local community.  Pupils discussed the different types of green infrastructures and suggested ideas as to which elements they would like to see when they walk to and from the school.  Finally pupils visited the site to map out some of their ideas and designs.

Please enjoy pictures of the workshop in the gallery below:-