In Onyx Class, we have had our second LYD transition session with Tracey Campbell.

In today’s session, we discussed some of the rumours we may have heard about secondary school and considered which we thought may or may not be true.

We played the ‘Gosip game’ to give us first-hand insight to how rumours or ‘scary stories’ can be spread and considered what might motivate people to spread misinformation.

We then got to hear from year 7 students, who shared their experiences with starting secondary school – this helped to curb some of our nerves and anxieties.

Lastly, we watched a video where Mr Bell shared some advice on some of the top secondary worries.

Overall, we learned that everyone’s experience in secondary school will be different and that there will be a network of support to help us through this journey, from peers to trusted adults.

Thank you, Tracey for another fun and fantastic session!