Today we visited the ancient Bank of England today, as part of our World Book Day celebrations. Whilst there, we were told a story about the first woman to ever work at the bank – Janet Hogarth, who was the first female employee of the institution. In 1894, Janet broke the mould by becoming the first woman at the bank, to do a job ‘which only men could do!’ At St. Mark’s, we pride ourselves on celebrating trailblazers in all aspects of society, and championing the rights of those who are side-lined by society. We enjoyed listening to how Janet would not be ‘told what to do’ because of her gender. We respect Janet, and what she started for women.


We also had some time exploring the bank’s museum. Here we held a gold bar worth an extraordinary £650,000 (today). The history of the bank was exciting, the story-telling was fun and the amount of gold we saw was astounding!!