What you need to know.

If your child’s attendance level drops, your child’s attendance will be discussed at school intervention meetings and you may be  sent a letter or asked to a meeting about this. If there is no improvement in your child’s attendance and/or punctuality a referral to the Local Authority’s Access and Engagement service can be made. The school has a duty to inform parents that penalty notices can be issued for unauthorised absence, lateness and holidays. Both parents can be fined £60 each for every child affected by poor attendance or punctuality (if paid within 21 days) rising to £120 (if paid within 28 days). If the child’s attendance/punctuality fails to improve, parents can be issued with a court order by the Local Authority.

We do not want any of our parents being fined so please make sure that you call the school on the first day of illness and that your child is on time for school every day.