On Monday we were treated to an amazing concert in our Collective Worship. Over 80 children performed. Here at St Mark’s we have a lot of musicians!

The programme was:

  • Rock Club + Year 6 Singers – Believer by Imagine Dragons
  • Year 4 Recorders – Samba Click
  • Esther and Nelly – Isn’t She Lovely
  • Year 4 and 5 Flutes and Cellos – Frere Jacque
  • Year 5 Violins – Fiery Fiddler
  • Exit song. Rock Club + Year 6 Singers – Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

This was a particularly special concert as it was the last time Year 5 would perform on their Violins and Cellos for us after two years of tuition. If you are a Year 5 parent and would like your child to continue learning next year there is an option, the Music Centre. It is a paid option however it is extremely reasonable and funding can also be discussed. It takes place on a Monday after school. Please speak to Mr Allinson for details.

Speaking of the Music Centre, on Monday evening our current Music Centre children, all 15 of them performed at the Music Education Islington: End of Term Concert as well. A wonderful day full of music and new opportunities.

I (Mr Allinson) look forward to many more opportunities for our students next year. First up will be the choir’s return to the O2 Arena in January!

Thank you