Spring Term in Sapphire Class

Hello Sapphire Class and welcome back to school!

This Spring Term is going to be very exciting, filled with lots of fun learning. Our topic this term is ‘Toys over Time’ and we have two exciting concepts of enquiry to explore and investigate. Our concept of enquiry for Spring 1 will be Our Journey – modern toys are more fun than toys from the past and for Spring 2 our concept of enquiry will be The Value of God’s Word – how do the Ten Commandments help us to live our lives morally? We will perform our class assembly in Spring 2 based on our topic and linking all of our learning.


In Maths, we will learn how to add and subtract numbers within 20, using different manipulatives and number lines to help us. We will learn about the value of numbers within 50 and explain how we know the value of a number, thinking about tens and ones. We will also learn about length and height and weight and volume, we will have lots of fun exploring these practically.

We will finish off the term consolidating our learning by building on our fluency and using reasoning and problem-solving skills.


We will continue to develop our amazing writing skills in English and will use quality, exciting picture books as a stimulus to produce excellent final written pieces. Our core books will be; Naughty Bus by Jan Oke, Halibut Jackson by David Lucas, Traction Man is Here! By Mini Grey, Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen, 10 Things I can do to Help my World by Melanie Walsh. Over the term we will write a retell, postcard, narrative, letter, poster, advertisement, recipe, character description and instructions.

We will continue to have daily phonics and Daily Supported Reading (DSR) sessions.

Topic – Toys Over Time

Over the term we will compare how our school life differs to our grandparents and great grandparents. We will borrow old toys from the library and bring in modern toys from home. We will look carefully at them, thinking about how they are similar and different and we will sort them in different ways. We will also create time capsules for somebody to find in the future. In Design and Technology we will use ideas from observing old toys to design and create our own moving toy. In Art we will create Robert Eagle inspired toy paintings.

Science – Marvellous Materials

This term in Science we will explore everyday materials that we can find in the world around us. To discover these we will go on a material unit and describe the properties of the materials we find. We will then sort them into different groups, describing why we sorted them into their groups. We will also learn about the famous inventor, Lonnie Jonson.


In Spring Term 1 in PSHE we will learn about what goes onto and into our bodies and how it can make people feel. In Spring Term 2 our topic will be fun, food and fitness: fun times. We will learn about special foods and drinks that are associated with different cultures, customs and celebrations. We will also learn about how different active playground games make us feel and to make choices about which activities we enjoy.

Cooking and Nutrition

This term we will be learning about how our school day has changed since our grandparents were at school. In cooking and nutrition we will make a bread and butter pudding and practise how to cut, whisk, sift, mix, crack an egg and spread.


In R.E this term we will ask and explore the big question – What are God’s rules for living? In this topic we will learn about the 10 commandments. We will also explore the big question – Why is Easter the most important festival for Christians?​