Autumn in Forest

Hello Forest Class and welcome back to school!

Welcome to Year 1! This term is going to be very exciting, filled with lots of fun learning. Our topic this term is ‘Putting St Mark’s on the Map’ and we have two exciting concepts of enquiry to explore and investigate. Our concept of enquiry for Autumn 1 will be Growing in Confidence – Our differences make us unique and special! And for Autumn 2 our concept of enquiry will be Life and Learning – Who can help us if we do not feel safe?

Our P.E days are every Monday and Wednesday. Please bring in your PE kit for our lessons.
Below is an outline of what we will be covering this term across all of the subjects.


We will be reading:

‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen
‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne
‘Out and About – a book of first poems’ by Shirley Hughes

We will write postcards, instructions on how to make marmalade sandwiches, letters, posters, poems, fact files and story retells.
We will have daily phonics and Daily Reading Support sessions.


We will be learning about:

1.      Place value within 10 and then to 20

2.     Addition and subtraction within 10

3.     2D shapes

We will be counting forwards, backwards, adding one more and finding one less and ordering numbers.


We will be:

1.     Observing changes across the four seasons

2.     Describing weather associated with the seasons

3.     Learning about our bodies, senses and why they are important

4.     Keeping pets happy and healthy


We will be learning about:

1.     How our local area has changed over time

2.     Significant historical events, people and places in our own locality


We will have a visit from Paddington! We will:

1. Map the school

2. Create a map with our own symbols

3. Comparing St Mark’s with a school in Kenya

4. Find the continents and oceans on Google Earth

Religious Education

We will be discussing:

What responsibility has God given people about taking care of Christianity?

Why saints are important to Christians?

Why is each person important in the Nativity Story?


We will be exploring a range of games and exercise. We will be doing team building games and ball skills.

Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit- white t-shirt and black bottoms.


We will be learning about:

1. Keeping safe and managing risk: Feeling safe
2. Identity, society and equality: Me and others
D&T /Art

1.     Food that is associated with special times

2.     Active playground games from around the world

3.     Sun-safety

Home Learning

This will be set every Friday in home learning books. It is expected to be completed and books to be returned the following Wednesday. Remember to read every day and bring your reading log (with a comment) and books to school on your changing day.


We will be:

1.     Exploring Pulse and rhythm

2.     Exploring past and modern classical music


We will be:

1. Exploring sound

2. Using the computer to draw and write