Spring Term in Sapphire Class

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas holiday spent with your loved ones.

This term is going to be very exciting, filled with lots of fun learning. Our topic this term is ‘Changes within Living Memory’ and we have two exciting concepts of enquiry to explore and investigate.

Our concept of enquiry for Spring 1 will be Our Journey – Modern toys are more fun than toys from the past.

And for Spring 2 our concept of enquiry will be Value of God’s Word – How do the Ten Commandments help us to live our life morally?

Our P.E days are every Monday and Wednesday. Please bring in your PE kit for our lessons.
Our class assembly will be Tuesday the 28th of February 2023.  

Below is an outline of what we will be covering this term across all of the subjects.


We will read:

1.     Naughty Bus by Jan Oke

2.     Halibut Jackson by David Lucas

3.     Traction Man is Here! By Mini Grey

4.     Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen

5.     10 Things I can do to Help my World by Melanie Walsh

We will: write a retell, postcard, narrative, letter, poster, advertisement, recipe, character description and instructions.

We will have daily phonics and Daily Reading Support sessions.


We will learn about:

1.     Addition & Subtraction (within 20)

2.     Place Value (within 50)

3.     Length & Height

4.     Weight & Volume


We will:

1.     Observe changes across the four seasons

2.     Describe weather associated with the seasons
3.     Explore the properties of different materials

4.     Sort materials into different groups

5.     Go on a material hunt


We will be learning about how the following things have changed over time:

1.    A school day

2. Transport

3. Keeping in touch

3. Toys

4. Food

5. Music

Religious Education

We will learn about:

1.    What does it mean to be Muslim?

2. What are God’s rules for living?  – The 10 commandments


We will be taking part in:

1.     Fundamentals of fitness

2.     Yoga

3.     Striking and Fielding

4.     Fitness

Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit- white t-shirt and black bottoms.


We will be learning about:

1. Physical health and wellbeing – fun times

2. Drug, alcohol and tobacco education – What do we put into and onto our bodies?

D&T /Art

1.     Create a push toy with wheels

2. Design a jacket for Halibut Jackson

Home Learning

This will be set every Friday in home learning books. It is expected to be completed and books to be returned the following Wednesday. Remember to read every day and bring your reading log (with a comment) and books to school on your changing day.


We have weekly Music lessons with Mr Allinson. In these we will:

1.     Explore pitch

2.     Explore duration

3.     Write songs about famous Scientists


We will:

1. Explore and become confident in using google classroom

2. Take part in Safer Internet Day

3. Explore blogging to communicate our ideas and thoughts