Welcome to Autumn Term in Opal Class!

We hope you had a wonderful Summer break. We have an exciting term of learning ahead.

All our learning will be embedded and enriched through our Concepts of Enquiry:

–       Autumn 1: Humans have developed many skills over thousands of years which still affect our lives today.

–       Autumn 2: Light is a form of energy that is part of our everyday lives.


This term we will be studying the following texts: ‘The Scarab’s Secret’ by Nick Would, ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. Children will be exploring persuasive writing, diary entries, narratives and character descriptions.  Children will be developing their writing, spelling and grammar skills. We will also be looking at a number of stand-alone texts in Guided Reading lessons to help build on our reading fluency and comprehension skills.


In Maths, we will be focusing on place value, revisiting numbers to 100 and then looking at numbers to 1000. Following this, we will be looking at addition and subtraction using a variety of methods. Your child can build their maths knowledge by applying these skills to real life problems, such as helping to total up your shopping.


In science we will be learning about Forces. How things move on different surfaces, magnetism, attraction, repulsion and comparing materials.  Through our Light topic we will look at Light and Shadows and find patterns in the way that size of shadows change. We will also learn that light is reflected from different surfaces.

History and Geography:

Our Topic is The Tale of Tutankhamun

Children will learn about when Ancient Egypt civilisation first began. We will investigate the culture of Ancient Egyptians, their daily lives and religious beliefs.  We will learn about their great achievements; the development of the pyramids, the Egyptian writing and number system, whether there was any slavery and about some of their most famous pharaohs. Children will read and write hieroglyphic messages.

Children will be learning about where Egypt is located in the world using maps, atlases and globes. They will also learn about the climate in this part of the world.


The children will be looking at the strengths and challenges of mental health and wellbeing. We will be:

–       Celebrating achievements and setting personal goals.

–       Dealing with put-downs.

–       Exploring positive ways to deal with setbacks.


Year 3 will be looking at the importance of the bible in the Christian faith, they will be learning what the bible teaches about faith and reflect on what faith means to all of us.


P.E will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week. The children will participate in a range games and exercises with a focus on Fitness and Yoga.


Children will paint their own abstract Egyptian painting. They will learn about composition and develop their colour mixing and painting skills. They will make a range of craft articles including Egyptian head dresses and sarcophaguses. In 3D work children will make pyramids and sundials using different materials.


Children will learn a range of skills on Ukuleles.  They will also learn and sing a variety of songs.


This term, children will learn about keeping safe on the internet, how to log on safely using their school accounts, document saving and an awareness of online bullying.


In year 3 the children will have a Spanish lesson every week.


Looking forward to the academic year ahead!

Miss Garde, Jemma and Rose