We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break and are looking forward to the fun Spring term ahead.

Concepts of Enquiry:

All our learning will be embedded and enriched through our Concepts of Enquiry:

Spring 1: Our Journey – What can we learn from looking back at British history?

Spring 2: Value of God’s Word – How do the Ten Commandments influence Christian’s lives?


This term we will be reading the following texts: ‘Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ by Raymond Briggs, ‘Mouse Bird Snake Wolf’ by Dave McKean, ‘The First Drawing’ by Mordicai Gerstein, ‘Quill Soup’ by Alan Durant and ‘Tom’s Sausage Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Children will be exploring persuasive writing, diary entries, narratives and character descriptions.  Children will be developing their writing, reading and grammar skills.


This term, our topic will include, multiplication, division, fractions, mass and capacity, length and perimeter.

Children will be developing their problem solving, reasoning and fluency skills.


We will be learning about Animals including Humans. The children will develop an understanding of what is needed to grow, be active and maintain good health. We will also learn about the bones in our bodies and look at the similarities and differences between our skeletons and those of other animals.

A Journey Through Prehistoric Britain

Our History topic this term is Prehistoric Britain from ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’.
This will include Neolithic Hunters and gatherers and early farmers. We will be exploring Iron Age settlements and mapping UK monuments located in different counties and cities. We will study the settlement of Skara Brae and discover the importance of Stonehenge.


This term, we will be looking at the importance of physical health and well-being and what helps us to make good choices regarding this. We will then be looking at bullying and how we can ‘see it, say it, stop it’.

Religious Education:

This term we will build on our knowledge of the Jewish faith. Recall important events, festivals and the Ten Commandments. We will find out about important events that are remembered at Easter time and understand the significance of Easter.

D&T/ Art:

The children will take part in a range of Art and DT activities based on our Stone Age to Iron Age topic.


​This term, Year 3 will be playing Glockenspiels and learning about how to read music for the first time.


This term, children will learn about keeping safe on the internet, how to log on safely using their school accounts, document saving and an awareness of online bullying.

We will also be ‘coding’, learning to design, write and debug simple programs.


This term, we will be learning the skills of basketball including throwing, catching, defending and intercepting. We will then learn the key skills required for tennis such as the ready position, racket control and hitting a ball. We will also practice yoga poses and techniques that will help to connect our minds and bodies.

P.E is on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.


Homework will be set each Friday and handed in on the following Wednesday.

Important Dates:

Choir: Young Voices @02 – Monday 16th January

Class Assembly – Tuesday 7th March

Best wishes,

Miss Garde, Rose and Jemma