Welcome to Autumn Term in Coral Class!

Hello Coral Class, I hope you all managed to spend quality time with your friends and family over the summer holidays, now prepare for engaging, exciting learning this term….oh and lots of hard work!


Our English text stimuli this half term is The Lion and the Unicorn and other Hairy Tales. This high quality text affords us the opportunity to teach literacy creatively and effectively. All children will write their own fairy tale by the end of this unit. Along the way, children will develop characters, plot and moral of their story. Poetry and art will give the children opportunity to visualise their story and experiment with adjectives.


We will begin our numeracy lessons by recapping Year 3, children must develop deeper understanding, confidence and competence of the four operations, before moving onto the Year 4 curriculum. Our aim is to shape assured, happy and resilient mathematicians.

It is imperative that parents ensure their child is practising their multiplication tables at home. Weekly test will take place in school, where awards can be won. The Year 4 Multiplication Test, set by the Government, will take place in April 2022 (TBC)


This term children will be looking at how belief in God affected the actions of people in the old testament.


This term our science topic is States of Matter. Children will develop and showcase an understanding  of all areas of states of matter, including how materials can change from one state to another, through a large range of simple practical enquiries.



Here come the Romans! Children will learn how the Romans invaded Britain and what they did for us. We have the perfect excuse to make shields and role play the invasion. Watch this space….