Welcome to Spring Term in Coral Class!

Welcome back Coral Class and Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas holiday and I’m excited for the fantastic learning opportunities we’ve got planned this term.

Our Enquiry Based Concept this term, linked to the Christian values of thankfulness and friendship is: Our Journey- Migration around the globe creates a culturally rich society.

The curriculum will be delivered through the following topics:-


Our English text stimuli this half term will be the core texts ‘The King Who banned the Dark’ by Emily Haworth-Booth, ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne and  ‘The Bluest of Blues’ by Anna Atkins. These high quality texts afford us the opportunity to teach literacy creatively and effectively. All children will write their own narratives. Children will develop characters, plot and story structure.


Children will develop deeper understanding, confidence and competence with written methods for multiplication and division. We will then be completing mathematical units on area, fractions and decimals. Our aim is to shape assured, happy and resilient mathematicians.

It is imperative that parents ensure their children are practicing their multiplication tables at home. Weekly test will take place in school, where awards can be won. The Year 4 Multiplication Test, set by the Government, will take place in April 2022 (TBC)


This term children will be looking at Holy Communion and how it builds a Christian community. We will also be learning about  Hinduism as part of are ‘other faiths’ unit.


This term our science topic is Electricity.  Children will learn to construct a simple circuits including circuits with a switch. They will investigation why a circuit is working/not working using different insulators and conductors and learn which materials are used for wires. Finally they will create switches using different materials.


Our topic this term is ‘Invaders and Settlers-Saxons and Vikings.’Children will learn that many different peoples have settled in Britain over time and appreciate how Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in particular helped shape the nation. Through a study of the broad social context of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods,  children will learn how this important group of settlers fits into the chronology of Britain. They will be able to contextualise Anglo-Saxon and Viking history and society within a broader timeline of Britain.


We will be learning about the physical changes associated with puberty and helping children to recognise their own worth as individuals and to challenge stereotypes.

Coral Class Spring 2022