Welcome to Spring Term in Coral Class!

Welcome back Coral Class! I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter holiday. I am excited for the fantastic learning opportunities we’ve got planned this term.

Our Enquiry Based Concepts this term are Fulfilling Future and Togetherness.

The curriculum will be delivered through the following topics:-


Our English core texts this term are ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry and ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughs. The two quality texts will provide us the opportunity to teach literacy creatively and effectively. All children will write their own persuasive letter, story ending and recount using a number of writing techniques and features.


This term, children will be focusing on building their fluency and automaticity with their basic number facts to support them in tackling problem-solving tasks.
Children will also be developing a deeper understanding and confidence during our units on number (decimals), measurement (money, time) and geometry (shape). We aim to shape happy and resilient mathematicians who approach all math’s learning with a growth mindset.


We will be learning about what it means to be a Hindu, why the Mandir is important to Hindus and understand Hindu’s beliefs around Karma.


Our Science topic this term is Living things and their Habitats. We will be classifying and grouping living things in the local and wider environment. Children will also begin to recognise that environments can change and how this can pose a threat to living things.


This term, children have opportunity to learn about the rainforest environment and their locations around the world. We will be investigating the different plants and animals living in the rainforests and what work is done to conserve them.


Our focus this term is on drug, alcohol and tobacco education. We will be exploring that there are drugs (other than medicines) that are common in everyday life, why people choose to use them and the risks of drinking alcohol.


Children will be increasing their knowledge of ‘scratch’ in our Computing lessons, and reading and exploring code. They will be planning their own algorithm for a dialogue.


In P.E our sessions we will have a focus on Athletics. Children will develop basic running, jumping and throwing techniques, and learn to focus on how to persevere in order to achieve their personal best.

Coral Class Spring 2022