Welcome to Spring term 2 Rainforest Class!

Welcome back to school Rainforest! I hope you’ve had a lovely February half term break. I am very excited for the fantastic learning opportunities we’ve got planned this spring term, including our new topic in History, Vikings!

Our Enquiry Based Concepts this term is; The Rainforest.

The curriculum will be delivered through the following topics: –


Our English core texts this term is ‘The Bluest of Blues’ by Fiona Robinson. The quality and rich texts will provide us the opportunity for all children to write a biography about Anna Atkins and write a diary entry.


This term, topics will include perimeter and fractions, where pupils will be able to use their reasoning and problem solving skills. We will also spend time revising our times tables in preparation for their multiplication check in the summer term.


In R.E this term we will be exploring why and how Christians receive Holy Communion.


Our Science topic this term is, Living things and their habitat. We will identify how animals can be classified.


We will be focusing on physical health and well being. This includes understanding why people avoid or eat certain foods and factors that contribute to peoples choices.


This term we will be focusing on information technology. Pupils will learn how to create a PowerPoint Presentation, creating slides and inserting and editing images.


This term we will doing Fitness. Basketball will be every Monday afternoon (please don’t forget your P.E kits on Mondays).  Every Friday morning will be P.E with Miss Rizzolo, focusing on Fitness. On Friday mornings, pupils can come into school already wearing their PE Kits (please don’t forget your school uniform on Fridays).


This term in music the children will be learning how to play the Clarinet. Pupils will learn with a solo instrument and learn how to read music. They will also develop their eye and hand coordination.


This term every Friday, the children will be learning, ‘Los animales’. In this unit, pupils will learn how to: Recognise, recall, and spell up to 10 animals in Spanish with their correct
indefinite article/determiner. Use and become more familiar with the high-frequency 1st person conjugated verb ‘soy’ (I am), from the infinitive verb ‘ser’ (to be).  This topic also links to our science.


This term, Art will be linked to our English book. Pupils inspired by Van Gogh have already painted flowers using only blue paint. The children will practice their drawing skills and shading using paint. Have a look below at our fantastic art work. Children will also draw a viking ship.

Class information

Homework will be set each Friday and is expected back, latest on the following Wednesday.

Remember to read and practice multiplication tables every night. Reading should be every day, for a minimum 20 minutes. Extra activities that could be completed at home will be sent out in a ping and with pupils homework.