Hello Taiga Class!  There are lots of fun and exciting things happening this Spring Term at St Mark’s. It’s going to be great!



This Spring Term we will start by looking at the narrative ‘Fire, Bed and Bone’ and the narrative poem, ‘The Highwayman’. We will also be writing across a range of genres including writing inspired by our learning from our topic ‘The Shang Dynasty’. In preparation for SATs we will be looking at strategies to answer SPAG questions and preparing for our reading assessment.


This term we are going to be revising all areas of learning in preparation for the KS2 SATs. We will consolidate and then build on our Maths knowledge and apply these skills to real life problems. Remember it is really important that your child can confidently recall multiplication and division facts. We will focus primarily on place value, numbers and the four operations.

RE (Religious Education)

This term we will be learning about Buddhism and then after half term,  we will be learning about how the Christian festival of Easter offers hope.

History and Geography

In history this term we will be learning all about the Shang Dynasty. We will discover key information about the formation of the Shang Dynasty and the kings who ruled it. We will learn all about everyday life, the music, cities and settlements, and the process of worship in this early civilisation.

In geography we will be working on our practical map skills in preparation for orienteering at Osmington Bay!


In Science we will be identifying sources of light & revising that light travels in straight lines. We will investigate light reflections and the fact that white light is made of many colours. We will also investigate electricity.

PE (Physical Education)

Taiga Class will have PE every Tuesday. This term we will be focusing on basketball, outdoor adventurous activity and volleyball. Pupils will require their full PE kit for these lessons.


In computing lessons, we will be creating spreadsheets, organizing data into rows and columns. We will also be discussing our digital footprint.


This term we will be learning about drugs, alcohol and tobacco and the risks associated with them. We will be also looking at society and equality.


This Spring Term, we will be using the iPads to explore how electronic music is created. In addition to this we will be covering three well known songs using a range of instruments.

Class Information/Key dates

Year 6 Class Assembly – Tuesday 23rd January

P.E – Tuesday afternoons

Osmington Bay – 11th March – 15th March