Welcome to the Autumn Term in Sapphire Class!

Welcome back to school and to Sapphire Class! I’m very excited to be teaching you again this year and to find out all of the things you have been doing in the Summer holidays. It’s an unusual and slightly different start to our academic year but it’s also very exciting! We will be having lots of fun learning at school and time to ‘choose’ our own learning to help us reestablish friendships and build our confidence. The first couple of weeks at school will be focused around PSHE, well being, friendships and how to stay safe. We will then move onto our curriculum learning, please see below for an outline of this.


For the first couple of weeks we will be reading ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We will talk about where we are now and what is different and similar. We will make links on how to look after ourselves and keep ourselves healthy and safe.

We will then begin reading ‘Cave Baby’ by Julia Donaldson. We will retell the story, sequence events, use adjectives to describe the animals and write sentences about the book.


In Maths this term we will be focusing on place value to help us with our understanding of number. We will be sorting numbers and counting backwards and forwards. We will use practical resources to help us such as Numicon, counters, tens frames and we will be playing lots of fun number games.

Our Topic this term is ‘Carnival of the Animals’

In Science we will identify and name different animals, describe and compare the structure of animals and identify animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

For the first part of the Autumn term, we will be using maps and globes to identify the United Kingdom. We will be learning about the lives of significant individuals in the past.

For the second part of the Autumn term we will be celebrating black history in our whole school Black History Month.


In our Religious Education this term we will be asking the big questions ‘What Responsibility Has God Given People For Taking Care of Creation?’ and ‘Why Are Saints Important to Christianity?’.


We will be learning about mental health and talking about what are good feelings and not so good feelings. We will learn about times when people feel joyful and about losing something special and how it feels. We will also learn about germs, the importance of personal hygiene and about people who help us to stay healthy and well (eg: dentists, doctors, nurses).