Welcome to  the Summer Term! We look forward to a very busy and exciting term in Jet Class. Please see our curriculum overview below.

Maths: This term we will be learning to read, order and compare numbers with three decimal places. The children will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and fractions. They will explore multiples, factors, squares and cubed numbers. We will practise telling the time and calculate time differences on a number line. Also we will be collecting, analysing and representing data in different ways. This term the children will learn to measure and draw angles

Jet Class will also learn to compare, order, and then add and subtract fractions. The children will solve simple measure and money problems involving fractions and decimals to two decimal places.

English: In Reading lessons, we will continue to make predictions, use inference and deduction to answer questions, clarify meanings in texts, evaluate the quality of texts and make connections using our background knowledge.

Our Writing texts this term will include ‘Otto, Autobiography of a Teddy-bear’ by Tomi Ungerer and ‘Kaspar, Prince of Cats’ by Michael Morpurgo and Michael Foreman. The children will create a range of fiction and non-fiction writing, including newspaper articles, a short historical story, they will write letters, alternative endings and recounts.

We will use inference and deduction to answer questions and explore how authors use language and build suspense.

The children will write debates, balanced arguments and extend a science fiction narrative. They will also write character and setting descriptions and non-chronological reports.

Topic: This term we are exploring Ancient Greece. We will learn how the Greek empire grew and explore some of the significant events and developments from this period. We will examine early ideas about democracy. and how they relate to them democracy today. The children will compare recent Olympic Games and the Olympic games in Ancient Greece. We will learn about Ancient Greek religious beliefs – their Gods and Goddesses. We are looking forward to reading and discussing a range of exciting Greek myths.

In Geography we will investigate the similarities and differences between Greece and England. We will focus on physical geography, including climate zones, rivers and mountains. We will use maps, atlases, Globes and digital resources to locate countries and places and describe the features we find.

Science: Children will be testing the properties of different materials for magnetism, hardness, transparency, flexibility and permeability. They will investigate the best thermal insulator for a new lunch box and investigate conductivity, using circuits. Children will plan and investigate, dissolving and separating experiments using variables. They will also carry out Science Virtual Experiments on their IPads.

R.E: Jet Class will learn how Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Day is marked in the parish church.  The children will create a leaflet for the school parish church to show what happens in the church during Lent and Easter. This term we will also continue learning about Sikhism.

P.E is on a Tuesday afternoons. Please ensure that your child brings in the correct kit every week. 

Music: Music will include weekly singing assemblies and singing in class, where children will be taught to sing with confidence and control.

We will continue to develop instrumental techniques and our understanding of musical composition. The children will perform together in an instrumental ensemble.

Computing: Jet class will be exploring the ‘Kodu’ software program for creating games. The children will have the opportunity to run their own games studio, they will design and create a game aimed at younger children – as well as designing packaging to advertise it. They will use virtual experiments – linked to our Science topic and research facts for our History topic.

Art: This term the children will studying Greek Pottery. They will discover why Greek pots are important to historians and how they were used in Ancient Greece. The children will practise drawing Greek patterns and figures to use in their own designs, before making their own clay pots. We will also be exploring textiles and making Batik wall hangings with Greek designs.