Autumn Term

Jet Class Autumn 2019

Hello and welcome back to St Marks! We hope you had a restful summer and are ready for the new academic year!


Maths: We will be looking at the number system (place value and big/small numbers); addition and subtraction calculations including algebra; measurement; calculating multiplication and division including algebra; fractions; and statistics.

English: This term we will be linking our writing to our topic. We will be writing across a range of genres. We will be looking at persuasive writing, poetry and autobiographies.

Topic: Invaders and Settlers We will be learning about the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. We will be focussing on life as a Viking, their raids and invasions and their conquest of England. We will also develop our knowledge of Anglo-Saxons including Alfred the Great and Athelstan leading up to Edward the confessor and 1066.

Computing: We will be using the Internet to search for information relating to our topic work. We will also be looking at online safety and using Scratch.

Science: We will be learning about humans this term. We will be taught about the changes that take place as humans develop to old age and a little bit more about the human body. We will also be looking at forces this term. We will be looking at the force of gravity acting between the Earth and a falling object, identifying the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction.

RE: This term we will be examining Christianity and what the miracles of Jesus teach us. We will be doing this by using the gospel and analysing it. We will also be looking at Wisdom as a topic.

PE: We will have PE lessons on a Thursday Afternoon – focusing on football skills, passing, controlling and team work.

Homework:Homework will be set each Friday and expected back on the following Wednesday. Remember children need to read every day and bring reading logs to school every dayAll children should know their multiplication tables up to and including 12-keep practicing!