Welcome to Jet Class and the new  Autumn Term. We hope you’ve all had  a lovely Summer break. We look forward to a busy and exciting term in Jet Class. Please see our curriculum overview below:-


In Maths, this term we will be learning how read, write and know the place value of six digit numbers. Children will become familiar with thousandths, tenths, hundredths and decimal equivalents.

Jet Class will also learn to compare, order, and then add and subtract fractions.

The children will solve simple measure and money problems involving fractions and decimals to two decimal places.


Our texts this term will include ‘The Man who walked between the Towers’ by Mordicai Gerstein, ‘Robot Girl’ by Malorie Blackman and ‘King Kong’ by Anthony Browne. We will use inference and deduction to answer questions and identify how an author builds suspense.

The children will write letters, scripts, persuasive texts and newspaper reports. We will also be writing recounts linked to our topic on the Vikings.

We will be studying the Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet ‘and performing it at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park on the 26th November.


This term we are exploring the settlement of the Vikings in Britain. We will learn about Viking homes and their way of life. Children will learn where the Vikings came from and why the Vikings invaded Britain.

They will find out about Viking gods and what they represented.


Children will order and name the 6 stages of human development and explain how babies grow. They will learn about the main changes that take place in old age.

Children will record data for gestation periods and life expectancy of animals. They will carry out Virtual experiments linked to our Science topic.


What do the Miracles of Jesus teach?Jet Class will be learning where and when miracles were performed.They will be discussing the importance for faith in miracles and what the miracles teach us about being the people of God. The children will also be comparing and identifying similarities and differences between faiths.

P.E is on a Thursday  afternoon. Please ensure that your child brings in their kit with them. 


Music will include weekly singing assemblies and class assemblies. Children will be taught to sing and play music with confidence and control. We will be continuing to develop an understanding of musical composition and notation.


Jet class will be learning to use technology safely and responsibly. Children will develop their coding skills with the Scratch programme and continue to practise their word processing skills.  They will use a variety of software to collect and present data. Children will research information for Viking topic reports and build upon their blogging skills.