Autumn Term

Hello and welcome back Jet Class! Although this isn’t how we are usually welcomed back to begin our Autumn term, we must do all we can to comply with the new guidelines. In class we will be rediscovering our love of learning in school by following our on unique recovery curriculum. Throughout Autumn Term, we will be consolidating our year 4 knowledge and ensuring that we can progress quickly and confidently into our year 5 learning. I am very excited to welcome you back, and cannot wait to get stuck into an amazing year.

Mental Health/PSHE: In school we will be placing a strong emphasis on the children’s mental health and well-being, as a result of Covid 19. We will be focusing on ensuring that the children are happy, healthy and capable of returning to their learning in a positive manner. We will also be encouraging the use of daily check-ins and trusted adult support.

Maths: In maths, we will be focusing on consolidating our year 4 learning. These foundations are highly important to secure and strong year 5 progress. We will be returning to look at place value and number with an emphasis on consolidation and deep understanding in Autumn 1. In Autumn 2 we will revisit fractions. There will also be some exposure to year 5 maths and a constant push on this aspect of the curriculum.

You can also keep practising times table rockstars, Daily Ten, Guardians maths game, and Prodigy.

English: As part of our recovery curriculum, we will be starting the term with our whole school-based book, ‘Here We Are’. This book, by Oliver Jeffers, is a lovely way to reacquaint the children with learning in English in a formal setting. We will aim to produce many different written outcomes, which we hope to publish and show off. We hope to upload our learning on the class blog, so keep your eyes peeled. As the term progresses there will be other fantastic texts used in class. Using the texts as our stimulus, we will aim to produce some amazing independent writing, which the children can be very proud of.

Topic: The Vikings

We will be learning about the Norse invaders, who arrived on these shores almost 1400 years ago. We will be hoping to explore their culture, religion and how their invasion still impacts us todays. We will also learn about the ancient Kingdoms of England and the legacy that these left behind. We will look into creating a fact file on King Canute, who was the third and penultimate Viking ruler of England. We will explore the Viking raids on Monasteries and looking into their Gods. Finally, we will look at how Christianity overtook paganism as their main religion and their withdrawal from England and the march on 1066.

Science: In Autumn we will be looking at animals. We will be focusing mainly on changes over time and how animals go through these changes. There will a look at the different types of animals and how they mature in their life cycles. We will conduct experiments, gather information, report data and hopefully inject some wonder and awe into our lessons.

Computing: We will be using the Internet to search for information relating to our topic work. We will also be looking at online safety and developing our knowledge of coding.

RE: In R.E. this term we will be looking at Christianity. We will be focusing on the Church in modern times, and how it has arrived to where we are today. We will also look at Wisdom from our Gospel Values.


Thank you – Mr McEleney