Spring Term

Hello Jet Class and Happy New Year.  I hope you and your families are all happy, healthy and safe. Things are a little bit different this Spring Term as the majority of you will be spending time learning remotely from home. The aim this term is to cover as many of the objectives you would have covered had you been in school to ensure that good progress is still made and you have access to a broad, creative and fun curriculum.

Maths: In maths, we will be focusing on consolidating our basic number skills. There will be a key focus on multiples, factors, prime number etc. In year 5, these foundations are highly important to secure and strong progress. After this, we will turn our attention to fractions. Fractions are a large part of the Year 5 curriculum, and as such carry a very heavy weight in year 6 learning also. We will work to ensure we have a secure knowledge of fractions in both reasoning and fluency.

You can also keep practising times table rockstars, Daily Ten, Guardians maths game, and Prodigy.

English: As part of our online learning, we will continue to embed strong writing across our English curriculum. We will begin by looking at Shaun Tan’s, The Viewer. Through the medium of this book, we will develop interesting and exciting lessons. Each lesson will build from the previous and seek to create writing opportunities. We will also continue to focus on our grammar and spellings, which are the bedrock of all good writing.

Topic: WW2

Through Google Classroom, we will be starting our new topic, which is WW2. In this topic, we will be looking to delve into a world behind us now, but one that helped shape us into the country we are today. We will be concentrating from years 1939 and the Phoney War, right through to VJ Day in 1945. Hopefully, we will get the chance to make amazing discoveries and unearth new facts and debunk old myths.

Science: In Spring we will be looking at forces. With the aid of online learning, we will be looking at how forces play a part in our daily lives. We will also try and create some experiments at home.

Weekly Projects: Online, there will be a weekly project put on Google Class. This project can be done over the course of the week, and will be drawn from subjects such as art, DT, humanities and science. These projects will be an opportunity to broaden and deepen the understanding of certain important events, people and things.

RE: In R.E. this term we will be looking at Sikhism. There will also be regular collective worship videos uploaded to the website.


Thank you – Mr McEleney