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In computing we looked at how to use search engines and compared the search results from: bing.com, google.com, duckduckgo.com, Ecosia.org and Swisscows.com


Following our session what was one thing you found interesting regarding your search results?

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15 comments on “Comparing search engines

  1. The things I found interesting between the different search engines were how on DuckDuckGo.com the school accounts had blocked it off whereas on all of the others we were able to access them easily. Also it was interesting seeing all the results when you just type in one word. In my pair we chose the word ‘boot’ and when we typed it in various different results came up such as: Boots the pharmacy, Boots shoes and the place. Overall I think it was a really fun lesson and I would love to do it again.

  2. duck duckgo.com dose not work

  3. Edmund.boateng says:

    That some of the search engines did not have ads like goggle and bing some times. And when you write in rugby or boots or football they all come up with what you want. Sometimes they might come up with a website where you can buy tickets to watch a football match they will have a little ad box and you will press it and will take you to a website like all the other search.

  4. Mete kalmis says:

    Not all the search engines give the same information which, is quite weird.

  5. There was only a few adds and you cant get into duckduckgo.com

    By Nadia

  6. What I enjoyed about this lesson was how completely different things came up
    and the number of results and the ads were not similar considering that I searched the same things. It was a great lesson and I learnt a lot.

  7. this activity was fun because we saw how to use search engines to find out questions that we wanted to know.

  8. One intresting thing I found about my search results is that only two of ads. The rest had had zero and swisscow was N/A. Overall I really liked the lesson because it was easy since we did it in yr5 but also because is computing and who doesn’t like computing.

  9. what i enjoyed about computing we get to see all of the website like bing.com google.com and may more it was really fun and i like learning about computing engines

  10. In my opinion the thing I found the most intresting is that each time you search Ecosia plants trees and I like that because it doesn’t only help you it helps our land and world. This lesson was fun because I really enjoy computing.

    By ~Yohana~

  11. Some search engines have more information than others such as, bing, google, DuckDuck.go , Yahoo. But i think this was a fun activity.

  12. Riley Simon says:

    This was a fun activity, I really enjoyed working with Nadia in the session. I found it strange that the school blocked DuckDuckGo.com. Otherwise, it was so fun.

  13. I found it interesting how Ecosia planted trees so it is helping me with my research and my needs it is also helping climate change and helping the land and the envirement.

  14. During the search, the sites had different information and I thought it was engrossing. The one that stood out for me was how every time you would search something on Ecosia a tree would be planted

  15. What me and geogre did was look at different websites if they would have different answers to what search engine we use on ecosia everyone you searched something you would plant a tree

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