We have been learning about eating healthily in year 5! As part of our PSHE curriculum, and our enquiry based concept, we have been excited to look at our diets. We have been figuring out how diets over time have changed, and how today we have the ability to make very good choices when it comes to eating. We studied how some adverts can be misleading (what makes a Happy Meal, happy?), and how we need to be careful when we watch these on YouTube and TV. We also made posters, extolling the virtues of a healthy, balanced diet and moderation!

Year 5, what did you realise about advertising, that you may not have known before? Also, what should you dinner plate, always include?


  1. I now know that watching certain adverts can affect my food choices on what I eat. What I should have on my dinner plate should be 40%vegetables, 30%meat, 10%dairy and 20%grains.

  2. On this day I found out that some adverts are false advertising. E.g Mc Donalds ,KFC,Coca Cola Red bull.
    These foods might seem and look tasty but they’re not healthy.
    We should have 40% vegetables 30% meat 20% grains

  3. Certain types of adverts on programs can effect my health and choices but all I need to have on your plate is 60% of vegetables, 20% of meat and 20% of grains.

  4. Derek Wolczysnki says:

    I realised about advertising that it can affect what I eat, that we should all make good food choices. Advertising can have words such as ‘ Tasty, delicious ‘ just to make you buy it. On your plate, you should have a healthy meal and vegetables.

  5. Nomqhele Khumalo says:

    I know that adverts can affect the way I eat e.g. McDonalds,KFC and Dominos instead you should be eating 40% vegetable 25% carbohydrates 25% protein 10% fat this is what you should eat on your plate.

  6. Alistair Turner says:

    I have learned a lot of companies do fake advertising to make people want to buy them. Also you should have mostly veg and some protein.

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