In class, we have started our new topic WW2! As a group, we sorted all of the important moments of the war in chronological order. We then marked on a map of Europe the nations which were aligned during the war.


Year 5, which date stood out for you most, and why? What did you learn from the timeline, that you didn’t know before?


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  1. The dates that stood out to me were: 1939,1945,1940 and 1945 8th May VE day.

  2. Why did they stand out?

  3. Alistair Turner says:

    I thought the most important dates were when Germany invaded Poland, when England declared war , when homeguard was formed, the battle of Britain and when Japan surrendered. I chose these because I feel like those are the most important parts that will go down in history. I learnt how the two main sides were the Axis and Allies.

  4. Jacob Sipiano says:

    I found out that so many Counties gave up to Germany and how far back the time line goes and how power full Germany is.

  5. I learned that back in 1939 Germany didn’t have the same flag and that instead of Hitler going jail he committed suicide

  6. They stood out to me because I did not know when the war started and when VE day was celebrated. I never knew that there were such things as Allies and Axis.

  7. I learnt that Hitler committed suicide and that England was the only country that beat Germany. I also found out the war started in 1939 and ended in 1945.

  8. I learned that back in 1939 Germany didn’t have the same flag and that instead of Hitler going jail he committed suicide.

  9. Something that i have learnt that i didn’t know before is that WW2 started in 1939 and ended in 1945 and the UK declared war 2 days after the fight started. Also much more country’s than i thought fought or helped out in the war.

  10. Rayanne Kasongo says:

    1.The time that stood out to me the most is when Germany first surrendered to the west on the 7th of May 1945

    2.I didn’t know that there were secret countries working for Britain and other countries.

  11. I found out that Germany lost a fight against London.

  12. On this day I learnt that Adolf Hitler and his wife committed suicide by using a poisonous tablet/pill.I also found out that in Japan VE day is called VJ day

  13. I learned that Germany was one of the main countries in WW2 and that Britain
    left it 2 days before they started war on Germany.I also learned that britain won the war and that the war started on 01.08.39 and ended on 02.08.46

  14. I did not know there were countries that did not participate in the war. I did not know that Germany controlled a lot of countries. I can not believe Britan won the war.

  15. Nomqhele Khumalo says:

    The event that stood out the most to me was the battle of Britain.The reason I thought this was because when Britain was the last one left (after Germany took the rest of Europe) Britain never gave up.

  16. The date that stood out to me was the day the Blitz ended because it was on the 11th May 1941 for two reasons:
    1. Because my birthday is also on the 11th of May
    2. Because I feel like it is a very memorable day in the history of London

    I also learnt that the USA only joined the war once Japan bombed Pearl Harbour

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