Hi Onyx,

This month we have been learning about Onesimus, an enslaved African man in Boston who helped save generations from smallpox in the early 1700s.

What are your thoughts surrounding our learning of Onesimus and the practice of variolation? What did you enjoy most? What did you find interesting? What did you find surprising?

Please comment and share your thoughts below.

20 comments on “Onyx Class x Black History Month

  1. I Loved The British Museum. IT WAS SOOOO FUN! Thank You for organising the trip.

  2. I really liked this trip to the BM, me and my group looked at some stuff that looked intresting and i had a really nice time there, I hope to go there again. :)

  3. I Love the Benin art work.

  4. I think that the story of Onesimus is very important as his process (variolation) technically started the whole idea of vaccines and trying to build immunity. As he was an African slave his story is overlooked by many much to the dislike of lots. His name js replaced by Edward Jenner, a European man. Because of Onesimus Edward Jenner is now a household name.

  5. Edmund.boateng says:

    we learned that Onesiums was a good guy and he made the first variation

  6. I learnt that Onesmus was a black hero that saved the world from Smallpox.

  7. Alistair Turner says:

    I found learning about Onesimus a lot of fun but I was shocked all the credit went to Edward Jennner, though I discovered a lot.

  8. I really enjoyed learning about Onesimus and how he found a cure for Smallpox, but the fact that he was not highlighted as a “Key Figure” makes me feel like he is being discriminated by the colour of his skin.

  9. Jacob Sipiano says:

    I loved about Onimus that he was the first black slave to invent a cure to smallpox and the first varilaton and tenicaly made the vaccine to all the disease

  10. In our lessons about Onesimus , I really enjoyed that back in their time they found a cure for smallpox called inoculation/variolation to help them live easier.


  11. I liked how none beleved in a indenchered servent to help save the crsis of small pock’s

  12. Onesimus was an africian man who created the boundry for Small Pox. It was really fun learning about him. Black history month is very educational.

  13. The thing that I found interesting was that the colonies were very reluctant towards the idea of variolation because it was created by an African slave but if it was invented by an American man they would have loved it. Onesimus changed the world because now we have vaccines to build our immunity.

  14. I really loved the trip to the British History museum but I also really liked learning about an indentured servant called Onesimus who brought the idea of variolation (now in the 21st century called vaccine) to Boston, America bringing deaths caused by smallpox from 1 in 7 to 1 in 40. This was very fun ;)

  15. We learnt in black history month about Onesimus he was an African-America and his master was Cotton Mather. Onesimus was the one who found variolation for smallpox but he didn’t get the credit Edward Jenner.

  16. I learned that Onesiums was a friendly guy.

  17. I learned Onesimus is a black person who is a legend. He made the cure for small pox and was not given credit for his work.

  18. something that i liked was that there was a wooden ak47 that was my most favourite bit about the place and the benin bronzes where really cool as well

  19. I Love Learning about Onesimus because it full of interesting facts

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I love learning about Onesimus because it is black history and we learning about black people smallpox and in the olden days. In the olden days when someone is ill and has smallpox they get a heathy person and they cut a little bit of pus from a ill person and put it on a heathly person so they fight it i love learning about Onesimus

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