Hi Onyx Class,

We have had our first trip of year to the British Museum and it was absolutely great!

After seeing some of the artefacts of Benin, please share you thoughts below.

What did you most enjoy about our trip to the British Museum? What what your favourite artefact? How do you feel after seeing some of the fantastic artefacts and capsules of history?

Looking forward to hearing from you all :)

18 comments on “Onyx Class x The British Museum

  1. I was happy that I saw the Benin bronze because it looked really nice even though it was carved.

  2. I like looking at the art and the materials

  3. I enjoyed looking at all the Benin sculptors and walking around the museum with all the ancient artefacts.

  4. I had a nice time I particularly liked the Benin bronzes and shields.

  5. I had a really fun time at the museum we looked at the Benin bronzes which i was the most excited to see. We also had to much fun walking around the whole museum,i found out so many new facts we had to much fun.

  6. Jacob Sipiano says:

    I loved the binin tree of life the love that the fact they got a horrible killing thing in to a famous lovely work of art.

  7. I had a really fun time at the museum we looked at the Benin bronzes which i was the most excited to see. We also had so much fun walking around the whole museum.I found out so many new and interesting facts

  8. Kamran Salik says:

    my most faviroute thing in the museum was the Benin bronzes because they looked really nice in person.

  9. Destiny Loko says:

    i loved our trip to the British Museum because we are currently learning about Benin we all had so much fun on our trip we all loved it l am so happy we all went we saw the Benin marks i loved it and i will love to go there

  10. My favourite part of our trip to the British History Museum was seeing the sculptures of the faces of the important people in the Benin culture. The thing I found most interesting was the fact that no two sculptures are the same. Every one is unique. In class we watched a video about the process they go through to make them and I thought that the fact they could only have one chance at creating each one was a bit harsh. It was really fun and a good way to learn about other cultures and people that are often overlooked

  11. Alistair Turner says:

    I found the artefacts at the museum very interesting. My favourite artefacts were either the plaques or the masks. I had a great day and a lot of fun.

  12. I loved our trip. I really liked the Benin Bronzes and the Art. :)

  13. I really enjoyed our trip to the BM and I looked at some really intresting Benin mask.

  14. I loved the British Museum. It was a really fun trip learning about African culture but i’ve got to say my favourite artifact was the Benin Bronzes. I mean there was like 40 of them ;)

  15. I was really happy to see some of the real benin bronzes and artefacts it was really intersting to see the true art and beauty of the benin bronzes.

  16. The Britsh Museum was cool because we saw alot of stuff

  17. I loved the trip because we saw the Benin Masks and Benin Bronzes that were magnificent and I love the topic of Benin City.


  18. I really liked this trip to the BM, me and my group looked at some stuff that looked intresting and i had a really nice time there, I hope to go there again. :)

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