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What did you enjoy about Osmington Bay? What were your highlights and the activities you enjoyed the most?

Post in the blog below. Ms Braithwaite will be looking at your responses and picking out some to share.

Mr Peacock

25 comments on “Osmington Bay

  1. It was amazing! All the activities were so fun. My favourite activity was the Giant Swing. The food was fantastic, easily my favourite part of Osmington Bay.

  2. It was absolutely brilliant. I loved every part of it but my favourite part of the trip is when I went to the top of the giant swing. Other activities that were good were trapeze, archery and zip wire. The food was really nice and when you had free time, you could go to the sand football pitch, hang out with your friends and more!

  3. Inka-Marie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Osmington Bay. My favourite activity was the zipline. Even though it was really scary when you go up there, it was fun to fly in the air and look at the amazing view. My heart was racing! I still can’t believe I went on it. TWICE!!!! I’d love to go back.

  4. I really enjoyed Osmington Bay! The weather was lovely and the activities were amazing! I’m really glad I had the chance to go there. The teachers and Kyle (our PGL leader) made it 10 times better! As I said, I enjoyed everything but the giant swing, zip wire, archery and abseiling were my highlights. I am proud to say I did every activity there.

  5. When I was at Osmington Bay my favourite activity was the giant swing because the team work and the view was amazing plus it made me push myself because I hate heights

  6. Osmington bay was one of the best experiences of my life, it greatly helped my confidence in myself and in what I could do. All of the activities were incredible and in my free time I could hang out in my room or play on the sand football pitch. My highlight was the leap of faith, you have to jump from really high then hit a buoy suspended in the air. It was exhilarating but very fun. Overall I would definitely recommend this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  7. Joel Tesfamariam says:

    It was like a dream!! When I was in Osmington Bay, what I enjoyed the most was when I went on the zip wire. It was like flying and I love way we got lowered was amazing. My favourite activity was the giant swing (though it dropped me suddenly without warning). Archery was amazing too. I hit the bullseye. My highlight of the week was when we went hiking and had to face many obstacles were challenging. We got so muddy.
    We had so much fun with our friends and it was a blast.

  8. Ethan Sipiano says:

    I loved Osmington Bay! The weather was amazing (except for Wednesday) and the activities were amazing. My highlight is The Zipwire. This, in my opinion, was the best activity, especially when you come down, and I wish I could go on it again. And of course our PGL leader Kyle made the experience so much better and I think it was the best trip ever!

  9. Osmington Bay was a lovely place and I had loads of fun. Everything was lovely there but my highlights were rock climbing, zip wire, ambush and abseiling. The food was really good. When we had free time we either played basketball in the sports hall or we went down to the wembley ( sand pit) and played football. Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Peacock for taking us to Osmington Bay.

    From Osman

  10. At Osmington Bay, I had so much fun! My highlight was the giant swing, it was scary but fun, the view looked fantastic. My other favourite activities were zip wire and archery. I had so much fun with my friends. I would love to go back!

  11. What I enjoyed about Osmington Bay is everything, but my main highlights was the Zipwire and the Giant Swing. The stay was lovely, the food was lovely. I enjoyed all the singing and the best evening activity was definitely photo challenge. I highly enjoyed that activity. It was a blast doing all the activity and staying with my friends, it was a good chance to bond and make different friends with different schools and get to know my friends more, I’m giving credit to our PGL Group Leader, Kyle. He was fantastic and it would be less fun without him.

  12. Osmington Bay was so much fun! The leaders made sure we were safe when doing activities, which made it even more fun. Many of us conquered so many fears during our time there. It was a great experience to be independent and to have a great time with your friends. It sure was scary at some points but most of us had succeeded in doing it. My favourite activity was the zip-wire, it was such a blast. My other favourite was the Big Swing, it was terrifying but the view was worth everything. We learnt how to make a fire by using flint and steel, which was tricky but also fun. Kyle was our leader he made sure we woke up early and had a fun stay at PGL, waking us up at 7:00AM to songs was not very pleasant but he gave us a good laugh. Overall it was a 10/10!

  13. Esther-Catherine Fabelurin says:

    I enjoyed Osmington Bay, especially the giant swing because me and my partner, Ruby, went to the highest and the drop was.. INCREDIBLE. If I had a chance to do an activity again, I would go for the giant swing. I also really enjoyed Jacob’s ladder – I got to the top with Ruby. I really loved Osmington Bay. The food was amazing, definitely my favourite part of the day. I really wish I could go back there.

  14. Osmington bay was probably a once in a lifetime experience, a very fun and challenging week. I challenged myself with some activities that I thought i wouldnt be able to do.I would recommend the big swing. It was scary and fun and the view from the top was amazing. If I had the chance to go back then I would. The staff were polite and very entertaining. It was brilliant and well worth the money.

  15. Osmington Bay was fun. The best activity was the zip wire because it was really fast and you can see the beautiful view. Osmington Bay was amazing I wish I could go back it was the best week I ever had.

  16. Shalom’s Blog

    At Osmington Bay,I had the best experience of my life so far.My highlight was the trapeze or maybe the giant swing.Both scary but a fantastic experience.I had a load of fun with friends and everything else in general.The coach there took AGES at the end of the week it was worthwhile.

  17. At Osmington Bay I had the best time of my life. It was the best experience ever. I enjoyed every activity, but my highlight was the giant swing (it was the best) it swung so far up I could see the sea it was beautiful but also kinda scary because I went all the way to the top and it was fine once I got used to it. I also really enjoyed zip wire and trapeze. It was the best and if anyone asked if i would go back it would be an absolute YES and when Year 5 goes I hope they get Kyle because he is the best leader there.

  18. What I enjoyed in Osmington Bay?
    I especially enjoyed going on the giant swing because it was scary but fun. I also enjoyed the sensory trail because I liked the fact that we don’t use our eyes so it was challenging and it really made me think and use my senses in a way I didn’t normally use them.But I overall had a great time.

  19. My favourite part of Osmington Bay was definitely the giant swing and the zipwire. I really enjoyed the giant swing the most because it was very scary, but it was also REALLY fun at the same time! On the zipwire all you have to do is just trust yourself and go for it! Trust me it was really fun! I would recommend going on both the swing and the zipwire! The food was amazing, I loved every part of it! I wish I could go there again, words can’t describe how fun it was! I had a blast!

  20. I especially enjoyed climbing and trapeze. They were really fun and I would 100% recommend them! – Grace

  21. callum and ronnie says:

    My favourite part of Osmington Bay was the zip-wire and giant swing. I would love to go back someday. It was the best!

    I loved Osmington Bay because of all the fun stuff you could do all the . My favourite thing was the giant swing. When you pull the rope you suddenly realise your
    stomach will drop. My second favourite thing was archery, because me and Josh kept getting bullseyes.


  22. I really enjoyed Osmington Bay, especially the giant swing and Trapeze but mostly giant swing because I went on with Ye-rim and Ye-rim is very funny because as we were being lifted up she was talking t me about how scared she was. and I also enjoyed sharing a room with Tia.k, Taylor and Layla.I also wanna say a big thank you to Kyle (Our PGL leader).

  23. Marnie - Anne says:

    I highly recommend hiking and trapeze. When you let go it feels as though you are flying. Hiking is long but good fun and you get ice-cream in the middle. It is a good activity to leave on. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was just the getaway my class needed before the SATS. We all had a brilliant time. I would recommend it to people with a fear of heights. I struggled with some things to do with my fear but I still managed.

  24. Osmington Bay was an amazing visit to experience. It was an unforgettable five days. My favourite highlight was the giant swing because the view was amazing as it was went very high ,however, I also enjoyed the other activities such as: zip-wire, archery, rock climbing, and abseiling. In conclusion of my wonderful, fun and fantastic experience, I want to thank Mr Peackock, Mrs Bearfoot, and Lance,(our teachers) as well as our absolutely amzing group leader, Kyle, who made the experience there the best trip ever!

  25. I had the best time at Osmington Bay ,my best activities were archery,(because i hit bullseye!) giant swing ,zip wire ,and basically all of them ! I also liked our rooms ( apart from that time i got kicked out of the boys room) ,over all i had a great time!

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