In class we are reading this classic, by Judith Kerr. We have been enjoying reading a first hand account of a child’s experience of the Nazi take over of Germany!

What have you enjoyed about this book so far? Who is your favourite character, and why?

6 comments on “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

  1. Alicia Chin says:

    I have really enjoyed this book and my favourite character is Anna because she has weird mood swings and reaction to things

  2. Mae.English says:

    I liked the part when Anna was sick and she was hallucinating and dreaming very weird things like when the doctor was checking on her and he turned into a bird. My favourite character is Anna since she is very optimistic.

  3. Oluwadara Olowoporoku says:

    I have enjoyed the part when Anna was sick. I liked all the hallucinations and I really enjoyed the the part when Anna said,” I wasn’t going to kick the bucket, because in class we all said that in a very posh accent pretending we were Anna.
    My favourite character is Anna. Before I thought it was Max but now it’s her, because she has a huge part in the story, all the best parts in the story so far, has been with her being the main attention and making everything so good.
    Judith Kerr wrote a great book. I hope to see more.

  4. I enjoyed when Anna and Max saw their Papa for the first time in a while. It was really nice because they had reunited again. My favourite character is Heimpi because she sounds really caring and lovely. She also really cares about Anna and Max.

  5. Mete Kalmis says:

    My favourite character is Anna because she always ask’s silly questions to Mama and Mama gets angry.

  6. Alistair Turner says:

    My favourite part in this book was when Anna, Max and the kentners went tobogganing down the hills for so long and it sounds like they had a really good time. My favourite character so far is Herr Graupe because I like that he’s a teacher but he can’t teach that well but he’s an amazing yodeller.

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