In class, we have been working on our class WW2 gazette. We have written some amazing articles on Dunkirk, The Blitz, Rationing and The Evacuees. We also have: An exclusive interview with the forces sweetheart and songstress, Dame Vera Lynne; A message from the King and Emperor, George VI and an exclusive interview with the man, the myth and legend – Winston Churchill! And if that’s not enough, we also have a tasty recipe for corn beef hash! Grab your copy now, before it’s too late!!


Jet class, did you enjoy writing, editing and publishing your work? What was your favourite story and why?

4 comments on “Jet Class WW2 Gazette

  1. Joshua Nethercott says:

    My favourite part was publishing on the chrome books. The best one was the interview with Vera Lynne, which i wrote

  2. Yes I definitely liked writing and publishing for the Yr 5 class gazette. My favorite part is mine of course. the message from the King. I was working with George and it was really fun. I want to do something else like this.

  3. I liked when i was interviewing Mr Tom also known as captain Tom and i was writing about the Battle of Britain and also Edmund helped me.

  4. I really enjoyed writing,editing and publishing and I liked seeing where I could improve. The best one was mine – The interview with Winston Churchill and I liked adding what I thought he would say in the speech marks.

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