Onyx Class,

We have just completed our first novel of the Spring Term, Fire, Bed and Bone.

Write a short review of the book, letting me know what you enjoyed, why you enjoyed it and who you would recommend it to!

Mr Peacock

19 comments on “Fire, Bed and Bone

  1. I really enjoyed the novel Fire, Bed and Bone. I found out more about what happened during the Peasants’ Revolt through a story with loads of ups and downs. It had some sad scenes and some happy, joyful scenes, overall I recommend it to people over 10 years, and people who enjoy novels and these types of books. It’s a very good book to just sit down and get into it. It’s overall very interesting.

  2. I really like this book called fire bed and bone because it is centred around the Peasant’s Revolt and you get to hear it from a different perspective.The Narrator is a Girl Dog her owners are Comfort and Rufus.

  3. Fire, Bed and Bone, a book you’ll never regret reading, is based on a poor family trying to fight through injustice. This unforgettable novel was set during the 1300s, in during the Peasant’s Revolt, which was very fascinating to read. I would recommend
    this amazing to children over 10 years old, and those who enjoy reading this genre. Overall, I’d give this book a 10/10.

  4. Inka Druszcz says:

    I enjoyed all of it. I didn’t really have a favourite part, but it was a good book . I liked how the narrator was a dog and how it was set in 1381. A very unforgettable tale inspired by the past. It was tragic, dark and depressing. Fire, Bed and Bone is definitely made for someone who likes twists, turns and everything in between. Although it is an interesting book, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under the age of 10.

  5. I think the book was a success and the author – Henrietta Bradford – did very well to make you realise the injustice they had to take through the eyes, nose and ears of a dog. The book, Fire, Bed and Bone, has loads of plot twists and you wan’t to put it down. I really enjoyed it. I think it should be for children over 10. Overall, it’s a brilliant book.

  6. Fire, Bed and Bone was a great book. Many different events took place during these 21
    chapters,an old hunting dog takes through the eyes of a poor family. This is a gripping story set in 1381,a family will have to fight through injustice and oppression. Our narrator who is a dog will have to learn to fend for herself, when her owners who are a young married couple Rufus and Comfort who have three children will have to separate
    because of an unfortunate situation when there is talk of rebellion in southern England.

  7. This book was really good. I really enjoyed the fact that it’s set in the 1300s makes it even better. It’s based on the peasants Revolt so if you like books based on history I would definitely recommend.

  8. Personally I did not have a favourite part as all through the book it is gripping and moving. The narrator is a dog during the peasants revolt which is a bold but brilliant move from the incredible author Hennrietta Branford. It has hardships, twists, turns and everything you would want in a book. However, I would not recommend this book for children under the age of 10 as it has some graphic sections. Overall this book is a must read and I would definitely recommend it.

  9. I really enjoyed the novel, Fire, Bed and Bone. It taught me lot’s about the Peasants’ Revolt, and what life was like during 1300s. I found it very interesting. I would recommend this book, to anyone who love’s reading about old novels.

  10. I really enjoyed Fire, Bed and Bone, I found it very interesting how it was set in 1381
    Peasants’ Revolt since I learned more. It was quite different since the narrator was a dog but it was cool since it gives a different perspective. There are lots of twists and turns throughout the book, but overall it was a very to interesting to read. I would recommend the novel to ages 10 and over.

  11. I really enjoyed Fire, Bed and Bone because it was a really enjoyable book. This book was very interesting especially because it was set in the 1300’s and the peasants revolt made it lots more interesting. I would recommend this book to someone who is interested into books and tales that are set in the 1300’s .

  12. Marnie Anne says:

    This was a moving story which I would recommend to everyone at our age. It is one of those books that blend into the book shelf but is amazing if you pick it up and read it. It feel like you are truly in the peasants revolt. It also gives you a better understanding of that time because most children don’t. Though there are some upsetting and disturbing scenes so I would recommend it to children ten and over. This is a unforgettable tale will involve you and help you truly get the hardships in a peasants life in 1381. I think it is incredibly important for older children to know about this time period in history because I feel like children don’t know about this as much as we know about wars and others parts of history. Overall a great read that I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

  13. I personally really enjoyed this book and I really recommend this excellent novel. This is all what is in my head! I would share this to people over the age of 11. The fact that it was back in the early 1300s is really entertaining to read. Before this book I didn’t know about the Peasants’ Revolt, but now, it’s all I’m on about! Anyway,if your into war/ancient stories this is the book for you!

  14. I love the book Fire, Bed and Bone because it was interesting to see and find out what happened in 1300s where the Peasant’s Revolt began. It is about two poor serfs who are struggling to survive, it has many twists and turns and full of dead ends but it was overall a good book. I would recommend this to people over the age of ten and for people who like learning about history.

  15. Henrietta Bradford’s book, Fire, Bed and Bone is full of twists and turns. The fact that it was set in 1300s and the Peasant’s Revolt was interesting. I would recommend it to someone who is 10 years old or older.

  16. This book is beyond extraordinary. It really took me to the 14th century and I felt like I was watching the Peasants’ Revolt in person. It had so much emotion that I could burst, but the crazy thing is that it is all through the eyes of a humble hunting dog. this emotional journey is really interesting for ages 10+

  17. I really enjoyed reading this book because it has a lot of plot twists and things that make make you want to read on. The book is based on a dog, a man and a women who wants to fight for their rights . The book has sad parts so people over 10 should read it. Overall , it’s a very interesting novel to read and I hope you get a chance to read it!

  18. I really enjoyed the novel, Fire, bed and bone beacuse it was about the Peasant’s Revolt and interesting beacuse it was set in the 1300s. I recommend this book for ten year olds. If your adventures, you will love it!

  19. This novel is surprisingly quite interesting! Most of the class really enjoyed this book.
    I suggest Fire,bed and bone because it teaches kids about the peasants revolt and all about how people back in the day used to live. I recommend this to kids aged 10+ because it has a lot of historical interesting adventures and is very thrilling.

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