We have been continuing  with our learning of spreadsheets in year 5. We have been doing this in conjunction with our topic of WW2. We have been gathering data on the number of deaths associated with counties in WW2. We have been populating our cells, and calculating the totals in each column.


What are you enjoying most about this topic?

7 comments on “Google Sheets (Computing)

  1. I really like learning about how to use Google sheets because I think that it will be a skill that I will use throughout my life.

  2. Alistair Turner says:

    I love that you can do such a range of things on google sheets and how fun it is.

  3. I think the thing I loved most was when we had to look up all the information we needed. I also believe it is a great life skill.

  4. It is a great life skill, Mae – well done!

  5. Nomqhele Khumalo says:

    I enjoyed that we used spreadsheet to learn more about WW2 and who participated to fight in the WW2 (and who was axis and allies)

  6. The thing that I enjoyed the most is when we learnt how to collect and organise our data.

  7. I enjoyed how we researched about World War Two and recorded our data.It’s a good skill.

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