This term we have been learning all about electricity and how to create a simple electrical circuit. We have made predictions and investigated how we can get components to switch on. It’s been great fun!

3 comments on “Science-Electricity

  1. This was the most fun topic in science since we worked with batteries electricity and we even learned about the symbols on things like batteries, cells, motors, open switches and closed switched, we also did things like powering a propeller, see if we could power a light bulb with one crocodile clip or two crocodile clips (it needed two crocodile clips and i got it wrong) did i mention it was the most fun science topic?

  2. Electricity was an interesting topic. There were so many things that I wanted to find out about electricity like how did electricity come from clouds and who invented electricity? We learnt about motors, cells, batteries, opened switches, crocodile clips and closed switches. We had to try to light up a small light bulb and a propeller! All of us succeeded to do that and to tell the truth, it was very hard work. I think that topic was the best topic ever! I really enjoyed doing it but sometimes I want to do it again!

  3. I really liked this lesson because we learnt new things about electricity .Electricity was a fun topic to do.I loved that we were connecting wires together to turn on a light bulb.We had to right are prediction in science books about if the light bulb will turn on with one or two wires .

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