Hi Onyx Class,

This week we visited the Sobell leisure centre, to participate in the Islington Junior Citizenship Programme.

We got to meet with: the Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, Transport for London, Forum + and Arsenal FC in the Community.

Share a comment below outlining one thing you remember from two of the five the agencies we worked with (TFL, Met Police, Forum +, AFC and LFB)… If you’re feeling ambitious, see if you can share one thing from each of the five agencies we visited.

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  1. Riley Simon says:

    I remember Forum+ and LFB. The London Fire Brigade was my favourite one because I got to share some facts about what I already knew. Forum+ was one that I learnt So much about and how it works and what they do to help people that are LGBTQ. L stands for Lesbian, G stands for Gay, B stands for Bisexual, T stands for Transgender and Q stands for Queer/Questioning. The + stands for anyone who is different and wants to join in and see how it works.

  2. I like the fire fighter one because it was very interesting how hot a room on fire can get and they were very funny. I also liked the London transport one because it was good to know where everything is and it was also fun watching Dara being a bus driver.

  3. The trip to Sobell for the Junior Citizenship workshop was really fun. We got to learn about five major companies in our local community. For example the London Fire Brigade. In this I learnt you should sleep with your door closed as if a fire occurred it would give you 20 – 30 minutes extra protection. This is because wood is a slow burner. The Metropolitan Police were also there. In that we talked about online safety. The man talked bout how it is important not to talk to anyone online that you do not know. This is because they might not turn out to be who you thought they were. And finally in Transport for London we learnt that if someone is on the train tracks you should go and press the emergency button as it will turn off the electricity and stop any oncoming trains.

  4. My favourite part was the LFB because at the end of the lesson he asked us what to do when your on fire and I raised my hand and said ‘stop drop and roll’. Yohana was next to me busy saying the tiktok trend stop drop and roll and he said his kids told them about it.

  5. Kamran Salik says:

    If your about to get on the train and you push yourself through the barriers you can get a fine of 80 pounds. If there is a fire in your house and you can not go out your bedroom door open your window and shout fire.

  6. I remember the LFB (London fire brigade) the LFB was my favourite because they taught me what to do if some parts of my house on fire. I have learnt that, if you think your house is on fire you have to feel the door nob with the back of your hand.

  7. My favourite group was LFB(London Fire Brigade) because the man was so funny. I learnt that if you are on fire you should stop,drop and roll and you should feel the door with the back of your hand and if the door is hot you should shout FIRE to alert everybody in your house. My second favourite group was the TFL(Transport For London) I learnt that we should be nice to our bus drivers because we don’t know what has happened to them.If you see your bus driver looking glum say “Good Morning” “Good Afternoon” or even say Thank you. I tried this when i was on my way to Tottenham Hale my bus driver was looking a little bit glum so I said Good Afternoon and she looked so happy and I am pretty sure she appreciated it. xx


  8. I remember LFB ( the london fire brigade) that one was my favourite because the guy there was funny. He said if you’re sleeping and there’s a fire in your house then you will hear it because you may not smell it but you will hear someone screaming like your mum does for you to get up for school.Its important to stay safe and don’t leave anything flammable on.

  9. I remember we saw the LFB which stands for London Fire Brigade we also saw Transport for London.My favourite one was Transport for London,But we also saw 3 other groups. I learned that when you turn 11 you will need to get a zip card for buses and tubes. This is to show that you are in schooling.

  10. My favourite one was the London Fire Brigade because I learned a lot of new stuff and it was fun in the same way. However, I learned a lot of stuff from the TFL, Met Police, Arsenal FC, and Forum +. I learned the LGBTQ+ meanings, L stands for Lesbian, G stands for Gay, B stands for bisexual, T stands for Transgender and Q stands for queer. The additional + stands for anyone that is interested or wants to join and see what it is about.

  11. I enjoyed learning with the London fire brigade learning to stop drop and roll.
    With the police we learned online safety/ awareness.

  12. I like when I was in fire,police, and football l had a nice time

  13. Mae.English says:

    I remember when we learnt about LGBTQ+ and that L is lesbian (being lesbian is when women like the same sex as themselves), G is gay (being gay is when a person likes there own sex), B is bisexual(being bisexual is when someone likes both genders), T is transgender (being transgender is when a person is born as a gender but think there the other sex), and Q is for queer/questioning(being queer?questioning is when someone doesn’t know if they should join the community or not). Lastly, the + stands for people who are other types or different sexuality). One very interesting thing I learnt there was that gay people isn’t just for men it’s also for women.

  14. I remember the LFB, Forum+, Met Police and i also remember the transport for London. My favourite one was the Transport For London because the person who was telling us about it told us lots of facts and it was very helpful for the class and I in the future. The person also said you can get an oyster at the age of 11 and you can get the bus for free until your 16, the train payment was 80p a stop. They also said if u don’t have an oyster and you get on the tube/train you will have to pay a fine of £80 either you an adult or child. But overall i think this trip was a 10/10 for me.

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