Hello and welcome back to the Spring term. A big warm welcome to all our new children and families.

In Amber Class we work closely with parents/carers to set the foundations of children’s first steps in their learning.

We are very much looking forward to the year ahead and supporting your children through their school journey.

This term we will be learning about ‘Winter’. We will have lots of different activities and learning opportunities for the children. We will look at specific animals that live in arctic conditions. We will look closely at the changing weather and the children can explore outside.

Each week a child will bring a family box home where they can put photos and objects in to show and display.

We will be learning lots of songs and rhymes and listen to short stories, music, and play instruments whilst developing play skills and language using a variety of props.

We will have lots of time and fun to explore and develop our interests, playing with different materials using all the senses.

We will be busy developing our physical skills and independence whilst playing with gloop, paint, pulses and playdough and moving around the classrooms both inside and outside.

Children are also encouraged to take books home weekly for carers to read to them to begin to instil their love for reading and sense of exploration.

Exciting times for everybody!