Spring Term in Jet Class

Happy New year, Jet Class! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for 2023! We have some really exciting learning this term and I hope you all enjoy it.

Our Enquiry Based Concepts this term are:

Spring 1- Life and Learning: Social change allows us the chance to eat healthily and have a balanced life.

Spring 2 – Value of God’s Word: Like Jesus, humans can express themselves through peaceful protest and make a change.

Key Dates:

Class Assembly – Tuesday 24th January at 10:00am

Intensive Swimming Course at Cally Pool – Monday 20th March – Thursday 30th March (There is no swimming on Friday 24th March)

P.E – Thursday afternoon


In Maths this term, we will be learning to read, order and compare numbers with three decimal places. The children will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

We will explore multiples, factors, squares and cubed numbers. We will practise telling the time and calculate time differences on a number line. We will continue to work our fraction knowledge and their relationships with decimals and percentages.   In addition to this we will be calculating the area and perimeter of rectangles and reading and interpreting graphs and tables.

English: During guided reading lessons, we will continue to make predictions, use inference and deduction to answer questions, clarify meanings in texts, evaluate the quality of texts and make connections using our background knowledge. We will study a wide range of genres and books. Our Writing texts this term will include, Goodnight Mr Tom and Rose Blanche. These rich texts have been chosen to link with our WW2 topic theme. Our outcomes will vary from biographies, newspaper reports and drama pieces to letters and instructional reports. We will also be putting on a spectacular assembly about this topic.

Science: This term our science topic will be forces. Within this topic, the children will look at the many different types of forces, which affect us and our world. We will be looking at the many different scientists, who worked specifically within this area. We will also be looking at the bouncing bombs of WW2 and how they defied the forces acting upon them. In addition to this, we will be investigating the properties of different materials.

RE:  Jet Class will begin our learning about Sikhism. We will look specifically the origins of Sikhism and the Gurus. Later in the term, we will focus on understanding the contemporary Anglican Church.

History and Geography:

In Spring term, we will be concentrating on World War Two. As a stimulus, we will build this topic through most of our lessons in the wider curriculum.  Through the lens of WW2, we will focus primarily on the defeat of Nazim and Fascism. However, in line with our school ideals, we will delve into the lesser known aspects of war, which are sometimes difficult to deal with.

PSHE: Jet Class will be learning about the importance of eating healthy in Spring. We will be looking into how a healthy diet and lifestyle enables us to lead fuller and more satisfying lives. We will also be looking at the importance of mental health for children.


Our focus in PE sessions this term will be basketball volleyball and swimming.

Our P.E day is Thursday PM.

Our swimming dates are Monday 20th March – Thursday 30th March (There is no swimming on Friday 24th March)