Summer Term in Jet Class

Hello Jet Class and welcome back!! This term is going to be very exciting. We will be looking at some interesting topics, which will keep our learning exciting.

Maths This term we will be learning to read, order and compare numbers with three decimal places. The children will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and fractions.

They will explore multiples, factors, squares and cubed numbers. We will practise telling the time and calculate time differences on a number line. Also we will be collecting, analysing and representing data in different ways. This term the children will learn to measure and draw angles accurately.

Please continue to work with your child to aid their learning of the times tables.

English: In Reading lessons, we will continue to make predictions, use inference and deduction to answer questions, clarify meanings in texts, evaluate the quality of texts and make connections using our background knowledge.

Our Writing texts this term will include; The Dam, the Viewer and Journey to the River Sea. These books have been specifically chosen, to reinforce ’Our Planet’ Topic. We will continue to build toward strong, year five written pieces, which seek to develop authorship and love of reading. We will continue to build on our spellings and grammar in conjunction with age related expectations.

Science: We will be testing the properties of different materials for magnetism, rigidity, transparency, flexibility and permeability. They will investigate the best thermal insulator for a new lunch box and investigate conductivity, using circuits.

Children will plan and investigate, dissolving and separating experiments using variables. They will also carry out Virtual Experiments on their iPads.

Topic: Our topic this term will be ‘Our Planet’. We will be using our geographers’ skills to develop and research this topic. We will be looking at our both human and physical geography. We will also be researching climate change, and how it is affecting us now.

PSHE: Jet Class will be learning about the physical changes associated with puberty. Children will learn how puberty affects emotions and behaviour and explore strategies for dealing with the changes associated with puberty. They will discuss stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination and how this can make people feel.

RE: Jet Class will continue with our learning about Sikhism. We will look specifically at what it means to be a Sikh. Later in the term we will focus on understanding the multi-faith aspect of R.E.

Thank you, Mr McEleney and Romy