Our Curriculum Intent:

At St. Mark’s, our curriculum is the cornerstone of our purpose, reflecting our deep commitment to nurturing the holistic development of every individual within our diverse community. Grounded in our core vision inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Bible verse, “Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path,” our curriculum is designed to illuminate the pathways to knowledge, understanding, and personal growth.

Central to our curriculum intent is the recognition of the unique needs, backgrounds, and aspirations of our community members. Our curriculum is not only informed by, but intricately woven with the rich tapestry of cultures, nationalities, and experiences that define our school community. It serves as a beacon of inclusivity, embracing diversity and celebrating the multitude of perspectives that enrich our learning environment.

Embedded within our curriculum are the fundamental values of British society, promoting democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. Through the exploration of these values, our students develop into responsible citizens equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world with integrity and compassion.

Moreover, our curriculum embodies a courageous advocacy for social justice and equality, instilling in our students a sense of agency to effect positive change in their communities and beyond. Rooted in a strong Christian ethos, we empower our students to embody our Christian values of hope, compassion, and trust (to name a few), inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We believe in equipping our students not only with academic knowledge but also with cultural capital that enables them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected global society. Through a diverse range of experiences, including trips to the wider community and opportunities for intercultural exchange, our curriculum fosters an appreciation for the richness of human experience and the interconnectedness of our world.

Our curriculum is open, inclusive, and inherently positive, fostering a supportive learning environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. It is through this holistic approach to education that we strive to cultivate confident, compassionate, and culturally aware individuals prepared to navigate life’s journey with courage, integrity, and purpose.


Enquiry-Based Theme:

Our curriculum at St. Mark’s is built upon our core enquiry-based themes, each directly tied to a strand of our overarching vision. This academic year (2023/2024), our main focus is “We will safely lead you to a fulfilling future.” Within this theme, we’ve chosen to confront the urgent issue of the climate crisis head-on. To fully engage with this topic, we’ve adopted the enquiry statement, “We need to care for the living world around us!” We firmly believe that without a clean and healthy planet, the future of our children will be significantly impacted.


Rationale of our Enquiry Concept: We need to care for the living world around us!

A distinctive aspect of our approach is the naming of each class after a biome of the Earth. This innovative decision allows us to deliver enriching assemblies to the entire school, showcasing the remarkable diversity of each biome, encompassing its flora and fauna, peoples, countries, and climates. Through these assemblies, we aim to broaden the horizons of our students and deepen their appreciation for the global community and the environment that sustains us all.

In our classrooms, we’re delving into the specific issues affecting each biome, while also drawing comparisons to the biome of the UK. This comparative exploration helps our students grasp the interconnectedness of environmental challenges and appreciate the global impact of their actions. By engaging with the world’s biomes in this manner, we aim to cultivate in our students a sense of responsibility as stewards of the Earth, equipped with the cultural capital and shared values necessary to preserve it for future generations.


Curriculum Maps:

At St. Mark’s, we have meticulously crafted a tailored curriculum that reflects the unique characteristics of our community. We firmly believe in affording our children the opportunity to engage with a curriculum that both captivates and inspires them. Our dedication is evident in the seamless integration of purpose throughout our children’s educational journey across the academic year. Every facet of our curriculum has been thoughtfully planned to ensure sustained retention and the transferability of learning across various subject areas. We hold the conviction that through multifaceted learning experiences, our children will make significant strides in all aspects of their academic and personal development.


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